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The Taliban are chasing foreign support, but the terrorism spectre remains

Afghanistan–Taliban leaders chase international legitimacy and are making some limited concessions to the international community to achieve this. That could include further facilitating the return


Lebanon from bad to worse. The blackout is just the last image of an endless crisis

Lebanon–Lebanese people can feel the economic crisis even with closed eyes. Two or three years ago, driving through the capital Beirut, sonance pollution during the


France and Italy agree on Libya: No to postpone the elections

Libya–Libya continues to be one of the main priorities of the European political agenda. On Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron discussed the Libyan dossier with


The Middle East by Erdogan, Turkey at the center of the crisis

Turkey– Today Turkey is the center of gravity, if not the reason, for the leading international crises. First of all, the wars in Syria and

Middle East

Voting for Legislative Elections began in Qatar

Qatar– Voting began today in Qatar for state’s first legislative elections for two-thirds of the advisory Shura Council. During the voting, a domestic debate was


Yemeni PM Returns Amidst Frozen Economy And Falling Riyal

Yemen– As the currency in Yemen hits rock bottom, Maeen Abdul Malik Saeed is back with the intentions of reviving hopes of the Yemeni population


Is Brotherhood using education as a means to penetrate its mindset in people?

Since Taliban took over Afghanistan, it has become easy for organisations like the Muslim Bortherhood to carry out its aggressive campaigns which target the common

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Fuel Wars in Lebanon spikes to cause more terror than before

It is evidently seen that Lebanese drivers have to stand in line for hours to get their car fueled up to get gasoline. It is


Egypt and Sudan resumes Dam talks after UN urges

With concern to Dam, the UN Security Council urged Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan to start over African Union-led talks and reach a conclusion within a


Donald Trump’s shocking abandonment of leadership comes as coronavirus surges in the US

During the election campaign President Donald Trump guaranteed that the “phony news media” decided to zero in on Covid-19 to harm his campaign, predicting that