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Middle East

Libya: Central bank will unify after being torn by civil war

Libya– Libya’s central bank said , on Thursday, that it has begun the process of reunification following years of division during the country’s civil conflict.


Last standing pro-democratic organisation closes in Hong Kong

Hong Kong-–In line with all the other organizations which have been closed down in Hong Kong for supporting democracy in the region, Stand News has


Sudan: Mystery disease kills nearly 100 people; WHO deploy a task force

Sudan–A mystery disease has been identified in South Sudan, which has affected people severely. Subsequently, the World Health Organization (WHO) task force has been sent


Lebanon might go into civil war like situation because of Hezbollah

Lebanon– Hezbollah, an Iran backed Shia militia group, has a very strong presence over Lebanon and its presence is directly expanding with the kind of


WHO warns about the new Covid-19 variant

South Africa–A new Covid-19 variant has been detected in South Africa raising concerns about the safety of people until details about its impact are known.


Tehran is nearing a “tipping point” to revive the nuclear deal, US envoy to Teheran says

Iran–Tehran is nearing a “tipping point” to revive the nuclear deal after increasing its enriched uranium stocks before this month’s talks. According to Agence France-Presse,


Israel under pressure to release five Palestinians on hunger strike

Israel–After Israel arrested five Palestinains on hunger strike for weeks for a protest they were peacefully carrying out against a biased policy, there is a

Middle East

Israel launches mega state drill against “Omega lethal variant”

Israel– Vaccination of children is underway in Israel: the committee of experts for the fight against pandemics approved an overwhelming majority (73 against 2) yesterday


Libya Oil Ministry welcomes the arrest of NOC officials

Libya–The Libyan Attorney General and Public Prosecution Office announced Tuesday that it had ordered the arrest of a National Oil Corporation board member (NOC). In

Middle East

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s purges extend to foreign citizens

Turkey– The purges of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also extend to foreign citizens. While the wave of arrests and convictions against political opponents, accused