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Diplomats fear US attempt for new nuclear deal with Iran due to freehand to the latter

Iran–Middle East experts and diplomats fear that the United States attempting to get Iran to sign a new nuclear deal will be providing legitimacy to


Deputy Prime Minister states that Lebanon is bankrupt

Lebanon–According to Deputy Prime Minister Saadeh al-Shami, Lebanon’s state and central bank are both bankrupt. “The state, like the Banque du Liban, has gone bankrupt,

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Turkey’s inflation jumps to 20-year high as energy prices surge

Turkey–Turkey’s annual consumer inflation hit a 20-year high of 61.14 percent in March, according to figures released on Monday, fueled by rising energy and commodity


Will the new AU mission in Somalia succeed, from Amisom to Atmis?

Somalia-African troops have been rotating through Somalia for 15 years as part of a 20,000-strong UN mission tasked with protecting the country’s frail central government


Tensions between Israel and Palestine have risen as three Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers in a fire fight in the West Bank

Israel–According to authorities, three Palestinian terrorists were killed by Israeli troops in a gunfight early Saturday in the occupied West Bank, sparking worries of further


Bashagha expected to be in Tripoli over the next several days

Libya–Fathi Bashagha, the Libyan Prime Minister-designate who was selected by the Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR) early in March, said in a Reuters interview in

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Saudi Arabia has sanctioned 25 individuals and businesses for allegedly funding Yemen’s Houthi militants

Saudi Arabia–Saudi Arabia said on Thursday that it has sanctioned 25 individuals and businesses for their roles in facilitating the financing of the Houthi militia


Women are barred from watching a World Cup qualifier soccer match in Iran, According to a report

Iran–Women were barred from attending Iran’s last 2022 World Cup qualification match on Tuesday, according to the semi-official ISNA news agency. ISNA reported that 12,500

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In a mass shooting in central Israel, a gunman murders five people

Israel–In the second mass shooting rampage this week, a shooter on a motorbike opened fire in a busy city in central Israel late Tuesday, methodically


Several rallies in Syria have lately taken place in favor of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Syria–At protests in Latakia and Tartous in western Syria on Monday, hundreds of villagers waved Russian and Syrian flags. They also formed the letter “Z,”