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Yemen claims that negotiations about a prisoner swap are still ongoing

Yemen–Yemen’s government says discussions with Houthi rebels regarding the exchange of thousands of captives are still underway. The rebels said on Sunday that they had


The bill on capital control will be debated in the Lebanese parliament

Lebanon–Two legislators said a draft Lebanese capital control bill will be reviewed by parliamentary committees on Monday and put to a vote on Tuesday if

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Middle East

Yemen’s climatic disaster puts lives, livelihoods, and culture in jeopardy

Yemen–Yemen is experiencing one of the world’s biggest humanitarian disasters. The situation in the nation is growing increasingly urgent seven years after a substantial escalation


Idris wants the SRF to take action to end the Sudanese conflict

Sudan–Hadi Idris, the chairman of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF), has called for a political effort to end Sudan’s political impasse. The SRF leaders, who


Consumers concerned about increasing prices ahead of Ramadan 2022 said “no one is thinking about Covid in the meanwhile “

Iraq–The Covid-19 outbreak has disrupted Ramadan for millions of Muslims around the world over the last two years. People across the Middle East, however, say


Turkey urges Libya to avoid taking any actions that might rekindle the conflict

Turkey–In the midst of a crisis over executive power in Libya, Turkey advised the country’s leaders to avoid taking any measures that might lead to


Representatives from all regions of Yemen might participate in peace discussions

Yemen–Representatives from throughout Yemen, including Sanaa, which is held by the Houthi rebels, may attend a meeting to resolve the violence in Yemen next week

Middle East

Lebanese Central bank governor charged with corruption and money laundering

Lebanon–After failing to appear in court for the fifth time, a Lebanese judge accused central bank director Riad Salameh with “illicit enrichment” and money laundering,


The Houthis are being chastised for sabotaging peace talks to resolve the conflict

Yemen–Yemen’s State Minister, Gen. Abdul Ghani Jamil, stated the Houthis will use all means at their disposal to sabotage the Riyadh peace negotiations. Fighting has


Qatar will assist Germany in reducing its dependency on Russian gas supply

Qatar–As part of its efforts to minimize its reliance on Russian gas, Germany has signed a long-term energy deal with Qatar. According to his ministry,