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Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi
News World

Jamal Khashoggi murder trial: Turkey commences trial of charged 20 Saudis

Friday marked the commencement of Jamal Khashoggi murder trial with the charged 20 Saudi nationals in Istanbul, Turkey….

Blue flashing sirens of police car during the roadblock in the city
Middle East News

$1 billion worth of “ISIS made” Amphetamines seized in Italy

Italian police seized a record haul of 14 tonnes of amphetamines which are suspected to be manufactured in Syria to finance ISIS….

National Security Law protest in Hong Kong
News World

Hong Kong has a new reality with “National Security Law” imposed by China on the anniversary day of handover

Wednesday morning marked a changed status for Hong Kong’s residents as China imposed the sweeping National Security Law starting midnight.

Palestinians hold placards as they take part in a protest against Israel's plans to annex parts
Middle East News

Israeli annexation plans pose a tough situation for Hamas

With Israel heading for annexation in West Bank, Hamas has warned the former that this act would be taken as a “declaration of war”….

Referendum in Russia
News World

National referendum kicked off in Russia that can keep Putin in power till 2036

Thursday saw a historical decision set in motion in Russia as the voting on national referendum kicked off….

A flag of Iran in the wind
Middle East News

Iran hardliner’s rapid rise a threat to nuclear diplomacy, Europe warned to resume fresh diplomatic talks

With United States’ forthcoming Presidential elections in November the European….

Peaceful protest at Grand army Plaza
News World

Thousands celebrate Juneteenth as BLM protests progress across US

Peaceful rallies, marches and celebrations commemorated Juneteenth across the United States on Friday. Thousands of Americans came together to remember the historic day as US still grapples against the systemic racism and inequality….

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
News Politics

Syria gets toughest sanctions by US in an attempt to push Assad’s 9-year bloody conflict to an end

On Wednesday, the U.S imposed sanctions on Syria, the toughest till date….

Paul Whelan, an ex-US marine
News World

Russia incarcerates ex-US marine Paul Whelan over spying charges

Paul Whelan, an ex-US marine, was arrested 18 months ago in a hotel room in Mexico with a USB drive in his possession….

Coronavirus on New Zealand
News World

New Zealand beats Coronavirus, heads towards all restrictions lifting after 17 day no-case streak and zero active cases

Celebratory moment for 5 million people who call New Zealand home, as country declared no active….