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UK Clinical Trials Hit Roadblock As Corona Virus Participant Falls Ill

In a sad turn of events, the promising UK developed corona virus vaccine trials have had to be stopped as a participant has been left


Iraq Moves Ahead Into Business Partnership With the US Under New Leadership

Iraq is willing to move closer to the US when it comes to business.  The Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi has shown interest to do


Qatari Plans Of Second Arab Spring Crushed

In a strange tactic of creating a wave of unrest and public upheaval in tune with the previous ‘Arab Spring’ saga, Qatar is being implicated

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Yemen On Its Way To Implement Riyadh Agreement

Yemen is now trying to establish a stable government that can get its economy back on track and do away with the Houthi control over

Doctors doing Surgury

Why Is Lebanon No More The Medical Pride Of Middle East?

The Lebanese medical staff is a harried lot; not because of the Covid-19 situation itself, but because of the limited supply of material to support their war against the pandemic…..

G20 Summit in Toronto, 26 June 2010

G20 Summit Discusses Possibility Of Debt Extension To World’s Poor Nations

Post corona virus recovery does not look promising, according to a G20 Summit hosted by the Saudi Arabia via video conferencing. Finance ministers and central bankers from across the globe are figuring out ways…..


Kremlin Masterminds Cyber Theft On British COVID19 Vaccine Research

At a time when every country should be pooling in their resources to find a lasting solution to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, Russian hackers have busied themselves with stealing a vaccine research developed by the United Kingdom…

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Barclays Formal Top Boss Has Foot In His Mouth Over 2008 Qatar Deal Scam

The Barclay’s Bank is still trying to clear its name in the dubious fundraising deal it indulged in for Qatar in 2008….

Libya national flag
Middle East

Libya Finds The Will To Sell Oil Once Again

Strange movement seems to be happening in the war torn Libyan region where the National Oil Corporation (NOC) seems to have lifted the force majeure clause from its key oil facilities….

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Children In Syria Still Lured Into War Employment By Turkey

Statistics reveal that more than 20 countries worldwide have made use of children as soldiers….