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Palestinian Authority Is Serious About Full UN Membership

Palestine– While there are chances that America might block the move, the Palestinian Authority (PA) is determined to becoming a full member of the United


Why Is China Stalling American Attempt To Sanction A Terrorist?

China– China is blocking America’s efforts to sanction a terrorist. The Pakistan based JeM leader was known to have been instrumental in the 1999 hijack


How Volatile Is Crude Pricing Right Now?

Russia–Crude prices are again volatile as a possible nuclear deal with Iran in on the anvil. Oil prices have said to have fallen due to


Why Are Startups Attracting So Much Attention In the MENA region?

Saudi arabia–MENA region is all for startups and this can be seen in their handsome investment portfolio. Dominating the scene is the Kingdom aka Saudi

Tunisian court

Administrative Court Reverses Saied Arbitrary Sacking Of 50 Judges

Tunisia–One June 01, fifty judges lost their jobs in Tunisia. They were amongst the 57 that were apparently removed by the dictatorial PM Kais Saied.

Middle East

Egypt Brokered Truce Between Gaza And Israel Has Negotiations To Deal With

Israel– In a new twist in things, the truce between Israel and Gaza Strip seems to be in choppy waters again. The newly brokered peace

Qantas executives

Qantas Requests Staff To Volunteer In Baggage Movement

Australia–As the pandemic lockdowns have eased and air travel resumed, airlines continue to struggle with low staff and high traffic volume management issues. Keeping in


What Is Israel Doing In Palestinian Jenin Refugee Camp?

palestine– The Jenin Camp has come to become the new focus point of attacks for the Israeli against the Palestinians. It is a war of

Middle East

Why Is Iraq So Angry And Volatile?

Iraq– The soaring temperatures in Iraq are making things already difficult even more excruciating for the gentry. The southern city of Basra seems to have

kenya election africa

Who Is Kenya Going To Select For Its Next PM?

Kenya– Kenya is looking forward to some new leadership, but it is not going to be an easy decision to make for the country. The