Does Joe Biden Put Further pressure on Iran if elected?

, US President Joe Biden said that his predecessor Donald Trump should not be receiving classified intelligence information, citing Trump’s “erratic behavior” as a reason.

Monday, November 02, 2020. The US election between Biden and Trump is being monitored by Iran, which has complicated ties to the United States. It shows hostile support to any candidates in its interests. U.S. intelligence officials say Iran would prefer Joe Biden to win the election with one day to go. And why not? Biden has vowed to return to the Iran deal, the nuclear deal that was forged during his presidency under Barack Obama.

Earlier this week, Reuters reported that, if Joe Biden wins the presidency in 2020, he is ready to either re-enter the 2015 Joint Action Plan (JCPOA) – Iran’s nuclear deal – or renegotiate. Biden still criticized the Trump administration’s “further pressure” campaign against Iran.

Meanwhile US allies in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia see Iran as the biggest geographical threat to stability in the Middle East. Allies such as Saudi Arabia now faces the forces supported by Iran in Yemen. They openly support any sanctions against Iran

Biden’s top foreign policy adviser, Antony Blinken, has reportedly talked about policies that could effectively put more pressure on the Saudi alliance by lifting pressure on our enemy Iran, stopping all support for Saudi forces in Yemen until the pressure on Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia alone is not a victim of Iran in the region. The UAE and Bahrain’s decision to normalize relations with Israel was partly to alleviate concerns about Iran’s growing threat to the region, including its support for Houthi groups in Yemen, Lebanon, Gaza and Syria. It is hoped that after the Biden election, the situation in Iran and the Middle East will be different.

It is certain that the US election will have an impact on Middle East politics. Trump, for example, has various ties with the Middle East and Iran. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are Trump’s closest allies and want him back in power in the United States. Saudi Arabia receives military support and security related protection, while the United States instead receives more resources and crude oil.

Meanwhile, it is feared that the Abrahamic Accord between Israel and the Arab states will be suspended which brokered by Trump. This is possible if Joe Biden wins the election, and political analysts say Biden will bring a new political face to the Middle East.



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