Dubai Health Authority Shifts To Medicinal Home Delivery To Combat Corona Virus Spread

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In an attempt to ensure that social distancing can be made more effective, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is now planning to facilitate home delivery of medicines. This would come under their initiative “Dawa’ee”, and expands its scope of work. This service will cover the whole of UAE.

The intent is to ensure that those at risk of contracting the virus are provided for, without them having to move out of their houses. The service will also cover all homes of elders and People of Determination who have a valid ENAYA or SAADA health insurance programme.

DHA launched the service in December 2019, becoming the first government aided authority to provide a comprehensive medicine home delivery service. Additionally, as part of their service package, a specialised pharmacist also visits people’s homes and provides them with counselling and advice related to the medication.

The expansion of the service across the UAE was made possible due to the support of Talabat, which offered to deliver its medication for free. Description

Talabat is Middle East’s largest online food ordering platform. They have graciously agreed to support the DHA’s preventive measures against the pandemic.

Under the “Dawa’ee” initiative, the service of medicine delivery will be available 24*7, round the clock. Dr. Ali Al Sayed, Director of the Pharmaceutical Services Department at the DHA has confirmed that this would be open to all elders, People of Determination and those in critical medical conditions.

“DHA is keen to continue developing its services and the authority spares no effort in ensuring the wellbeing of patients especially during this critical time,” he added.



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