Emirates doctors in Europe .. Humanitarian ambassadors fight the epidemic

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UAE doctors currently present in most European countries in the first row in the face of the emerging Corn virus (Covid 19) are pages devoid of human giving and dedication at work, registering the highest meanings of loyalty, humanitarian giving and medical responsibility, despite the difficult circumstances, the widespread spread of the virus in those countries and the prevention of infections The disease has a million infections and more than 52,000 deaths so far in the world. Emirates doctors in France, Britain, Italy, Germany, the United States of America and others such as Dr. Khalifa Muhammad Al-Muqbali, Dr. Aisha Al-Mundhiri and Dr. Muhammad Al-Falas.

Dr. Muhammad al-Ketbi, Dr. Badr Al-Nuaimi, and many others, opted to stay in the hospitals they work, study, or train in to provide assistance to their colleagues in the first row in the confrontation against «COFED-19» and provide health care to thousands of injured patients who are not aware of the risks surrounding them, because the important thing is to save Spirits.

Dr. Khalifa Muhammad Al-Muqbali, a psychiatrist at the University Hospital Regensburg in Germany, said: “The people of the Emirates are people of fear and fearful of loving goodness and generosity. While I was enjoying my leave in preparation for specialized tests, I learned that it was canceled due to the spread of the« Covid 19 virus »and on the same day he called me The hospital president asked me to come to the hospital to help the doctors deal with the Corona virus, so I did not hesitate and I joined the medical staff at the hospital immediately.

After the embassy asked us to return to the homeland, I told them that I am morally committed to helping my colleagues in Germany and I should not abandon them in this ordeal, especially since we learned in the Emirates the love of giving and extending a helping hand in times of stress, stressing that what he does in Germany is not voluntary but rather It is a moral and human commitment that we have learned from our wise leadership.

On his participation in tackling the Corona epidemic in Germany, Dr. Al-Meqbali said in an intervention with Dubai TV: “German hospitals have contingency plans for epidemics and pandemics, where the work teams are divided into two teams, one team that treats patients and respond to the epidemic and the other that I joined undertakes basic work in the hospital.

He pointed out that the conditions so far are stable in hospitals and we have many beds vacant, but the health sector is always preparing for any emergency at any moment, as we saw it in Italy

He added that the mere feeling that he represents the Emirates in all words and deeds, and as the rational leadership asserts that the Emirati abroad is an ambassador for his country, this feeling always pushes us to be an honorable image of the homeland and that the UAE’s reputation is a trust in the neck, and this is what we find, here I am, my name, Khalifa Al-Muqbali But they call me the Emirati Khalifa

This holds us responsible for being honest with ourselves in word and deed, indicating that he spent 6 years in Germany and left a good impression on all German colleagues and patients, and I am not alone here, but with me two years ago from Emirati colleagues Dr. Abdullah Al-Hilali and Dr. Issa Al-Muhairi.

Dr. Aisha Al-Mundhiri, a gynecologist and obstetrician at the Becha Claude Bernard University Hospital in Paris, the first hospital in France to introduce “Covid 19” patients, and provide medical care to them as a reference hospital, stated that after the outbreak of the epidemic, the patients were distributed to all hospitals in Paris.

She said: The majority of the departments in the hospitals were closed to empty for those infected with the Corona virus except for the vital departments such as the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics that I work in.

She added: We have in the department two types of patients with a type infected with «Covid 19» and another type without an infected person, and we also have a special section for intensive care, which means critical cases, and another section concerned with medium cases and we supervise them daily and provide health care for them, as for normal pregnancy cases that You do not need medical care, we communicate with them through an electronic application to check their health, indicating that it can perform 4 births daily, including cases infected with the virus.

She pointed out that the Emirates doctors in France and their eagerness to provide help and assistance and return the favor to the country that undertook their education and training and were sincere in their work, left a beautiful impression on the people of the Emirates among the doctors and the French people.



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