Are shipments arriving at Gaza from Egypt a sign of

Since the last few months, the Gaza Strip has been in the news for all the wrong news. Last Friday,

Egypt to pay yearly fees of 22 WDO member states

Bringing Women Development Organizations (WDO) in the focus, the Egyptian government has announced to pay an annual contribution to 22

Biden for mending ties with Russia

US President Joe Biden departs for the United Kingdom on Wednesday on his first international trip since taking office. The

Who dethroned Netanyahu?

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister with a total of 15 years in office, has surpassed the reign of Israel’s

Vladimir Putin signs bill confirming Russia’s exit from overflight treaty

On Monday, Russia officially exited from the overflight treaty after signing the withdrawal papers. The Russian President Vladimir Putin has

Act of balancing and negotiating between Turkey, Russia and the

As things get heated with international relations over Ukraine, Turkey no longer could rely on support from the United States

Skirmishes grow in Myanmar as Aung San’s trial begins next

Skirmishes between Myanmar’s Junta and villagers armed with crossbows and catapults in the Ayeyarwady river delta region has resulted in

Jordanian Parliament dismisses MP Al Ajarmeh for instigating protests

The Jordanian Parliament on Sunday voted to expel MP Osama Al Ajarmeh after his tribal supporters attacked security forces in

Facebook bans Trump from its platform for 2 years

Facebook Inc has banned former US President Donald Trump from its platforms, Instagram and Facebook, for a period of two

How will Presidential elections become the determining factor of the

Presidential elections in Iran are due this month and it is important for us to understand how important these elections

Muslim Brotherhood Comes Outs Of Shadows In Israeli Government Formation

Arabs Islamist Party has joined the Jewish nationalists in an Israeli coalition- the picture couldn’t get any murkier than this.

Qatar channelled millions of dollars to al-Nusra Front in Syria:

Qatar has allegedly sent millions of dollars to al-Nusra Front in Syria. As per a report by The Times of

UN launches network to combat global corruption

After decades of decaying in the system of corruption and falling as a victim to implement all the policies, the

Lebanon’s central bank overturns decision on dollar withdrawal

The governor of Lebanon’s central bank Thursday reversed the decision to halt withdrawals, after the rule triggered public outrage and

Time up for Netanyahu as Lapid announces victory

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid, in a bid to end Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year rule, has officially informed the

Are Children Of Syrian Camp Being Readied As Next Line

The state of children in the Syrian camps is a despicable sight of hopelessness. In a recent report shared by

Erdogan’s crazy project, the Turkish president announced the start of

Erdogan launched his latest crazy idea, to create a new Canal to double the Bosphorus, obliterating part of the city

Erdogan says Turkey hopes to maximize cooperation with Egypt, Gulf

President of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan mentioned yesterday that they are open to mending the strained relations between Ankara and other

Anti-Semitism, Qatar calls for the destruction of Israel and the

Qatar continues to promote inflammatory speeches against Jews and the existence of Israel. The hair loses its hair, but not

Philippines Ambassador To Israel Falls From Grace After Vote For

Israel is going up and arms against the Filipino Ambassador in Tel Aviv. Philippines Ambassador Macairog Alberto was recently asked

Will peace between Israel and Palestine last?

Twenty-four votes in favor, nine against, and fourteen abstentions. The resolution – on the initiative of Pakistan – on violations

Yemeni government warns: Houthi summer camps for children are military

The legitimate Yemeni government renewed its warning about the dangers arising from the decision of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia to

Belarusian opposition leader alleges government of torturing detained journalist

Belarus’s opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, on Monday, claimed that detained journalist Roman Protasevich had been “tortured” in custody. She negated

The Hamas politburo’s chief Ismail Haniyeh supports Hamas and other

Qatar provided asylum to Hamas’ politburo chief a year ago, after Egypt decided not to let him back into the

More than half of young Jordians unemployed as country further

Jordan–Jordan is going through one of the worst phases since its establishment as a country and with the way things

The Taliban are chasing foreign support, but the terrorism spectre

Afghanistan–Taliban leaders chase international legitimacy and are making some limited concessions to the international community to achieve this. That could

Clashes in Beirut: Amal and Hezbollah challenge the judge of

Lebanon–At least six people have been killed and thirty injured by gunshots that went off during a protest in Beirut

EU Election Observer say, “Surprisingly Elections in Iraq were Well

Iraq–After the Elections, EU Election observer Viola von Cramon-Taubadel stated on Thursday during a panel discussion that she was surprised

Delegation between Taliban and Turkey to be held to discuss

Turkey–In the recent news it was announced that confidential talks would be held between officials of Afghanistan’s interim government and

Lebanon from bad to worse. The blackout is just the

Lebanon–Lebanese people can feel the economic crisis even with closed eyes. Two or three years ago, driving through the capital

Lebanon sees no end to its political woes

Lebanon– There is no end to the political turmoil of Lebanon despite international pressure and interim formation of the government.

Syria: Israeli airstrike kills a soldier and wounded over four

Syria–An Israeli airstrike killed a Syrian soldier and wounded others in the Palmyra area of ​​Syria. According to state TV

Energy Flow To Lebanon Needs Infrastructure Overhaul In Syria

Lebanon–Lebanon is reeling under threat of prolonged darkness as its power grids have run out of fuel and the country

Iran announced two-day air defence drill in central desert area

Iran– Displaying massive game of power, Iran announced yesterday that they have kicked off a two-day air defense drill in