US condemns Iran for its human rights abuses, imposes sanctions on two IRGC officials

On Tuesday, the US State Department imposed sanctions on two of Iran’s officials on grounds of human rights abuses. Ali Hemmatian and Masoud Safdari served


Israel and Lebanon hold First Talks on Maritime Border Dispute

Israel and Lebanon, embroiled in a long-running maritime border dispute, have for the first time launched the first round of talks on the issue. The

Turkey and the West further alienated, due to Rise of Current Tension

Turkey and the West further alienated, due to Rise of Current Tension

Since Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s takeover of Turkey, relations with the West have deteriorated. Turkey’s ambition was to become the first secular Muslim country

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Germany designates Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation, order could impact geopolitical dynamics

On Thursday, German government banned Hezbollah from undertaking any activities in the country and designated the Lebanese militant political group as a terrorist organization. The


Israel, a pilgrimage to Mount Meron turns into a tragedy

In Israel, the great celebrations for the Lag B’Omer feast, at Mount Meron, have turned into tragedy. 44 people died crushed by the crowd and


Tehran Manipulates Houthis In Yemen Through Its Iron Man

According to a Yemeni minister, Iran’s Qud Force’s commander Hassan Erlo has been acting as the de-facto ruler of the Houthi occupied areas. This has


Arab nations welcome restart of US aid to Palestinians

Arab nations on Thursday welcomed the resumption of financial aid to the Palestinians by the United States with the aim of providing economic, development, and

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