Houthis’ collaboration with Muslim Brotherhood impedes Yemen’s peace process


Muslim Brotherhood’s collaboration with the Iran-backed Houthi group has added to the political instability of Yemen. The more Arab coalition and international community has been pushing for peaceful negotiations, the more offensives have been launched by the outlawed groups, in the pursuit of gaining an upper hand in conflict resolution process. Recent attacks carried out by the Houthis with the support of Brotherhood to invade and capture Marib stands witness to that behaviour.

Brotherhood has been aiding Houthis with their military prowess to help the extremist group in leading the incursions. Last year, leaked recording of Muslim Brotherhood military leader and adviser to the Taiz region Abdou Farhan al-Mikhlafi revealed, how the joint group of Houthi-Brotherhood had been planning to seize the Bab al-Mandab strait and Mocha port on the Red Sea Coast. The recordings also exposed that both the rebel groups received military support from Turkey under Iranian cover.

Observers believed that Turkey’s involvement in Yemen and along with that of Qatar played a major role in impeding the peace talks and delaying the implementation of Riyadh Agreement, which was signed between the warring sides in November 2019. Brotherhood has been employing various measures to inflame tensions within the anti-Houthi camp. Political analysts also specified that Muslim Brotherhood group has been used as pawn to help Qatar and Turkey in laying out its mega plan of expanding their influence in at least four liberated Yemeni governorates, namely Taiz, Shabwa, Al-Mahra and Marib.

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Besides, to hamper the peace process Qatar-Turkey-Iran axis has also been using the local media to run a disinformation campaign, by discrediting the Arab alliance and questioning its goals and vision amid frequent bouts of violence and instability. Besides the three nations have also been trying to replace Arab coalition group with another coalition which included the Muslim Brotherhood, Houthis, a southern pro-Iranian group led by Hassan Ba’oom, a leader of a political group in southern Yemen, and some leaders of the General People’s Congress party who are believed to be Houthi loyalists.



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