How Dubai Will Make Use Of AI To Monitor Movement In The Sterilisation Weeks

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While residents in UAE have to have a valid permit to move out of their homes, they will also be flagged if the reason they are out does not coincide with that stated in the permit.

In Dubai, the Dubai police will be taking the help of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled tracking which will flag you, if you moved out of your premises, without a valid reason, in the 24 hour sterilization drive that UAE is undertaking from April 13.

According to Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police, AI will be used along with speed radars to identify which vehicles have movement permits or belong to people working within vital sectors.

The permit is to taken by those who wish to move out of their houses for valid reasons. The 24-hour sterilisation programme in the emirate is set to last two weeks.

The AI enabled tracking will not issue an immediate fine. It is going to sift those from vital sectors and then decide whether or not to flag a vehicle, depending on whether the vehicle is carrying a valid permit.  Mazroui has further added that “The system can identify the person who is violating the movement restriction by going out for an unnecessary matter. People need to keep proof like a purchase receipt to waive the fine.”

The flagging also becomes more evident, even in case of those going out to pick essentials, if the vehicle moves out of its designated earmarked emirate. Also, authorities have issued a public advisory explaining that the sterilization drive and permit initiative has been taken to make social distancing more effective and not restrict the lives of the residents.

Minimal movement and social contact will make the drive more effective and save many lives from contracting the virus.