Israel and Bahrain consent to open international embassies in each other’s nation


On Wednesday, Israel and Bahrain announced that they would open consulates, set up new online visa systems, and start weekly trips between the nations soon, in a widened cooperation encouraged by the US as a financial benefit and methods for isolate Iran.

On the principal official visit by Bahraini authorities to Israel, the Gulf kingdom’s foreign minister, Abdellatif Al-Zayani, was greeted at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion air terminal by his Israeli partner Gabi Ashkenazi. Bahrain and its Gulf neighbor the UAE both marked US-supported normalization Abraham accord with Israel at the White House on September 15. The agreements were denounced by the Palestinians.

The deal broke a longstanding Arab agreement that there should be no normalization with Israel until it arrives at peace with the Palestinians. In a potential indication of a reconsider, a senior Palestinian authority revealed to Reuters that the Palestinian envoys would return to Abu Dhabi and Manama after having been reviewed in the protest.

Al-Zayani’s visit corresponded with a visit to Israel by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who hailed the local rapprochement negotiated by the Trump government as it squeezes sanctions against Iran. Al-Zayani declared that, from December 1, Bahrainis and Israelis will be able to apply for visas online. He additionally presented a request to open a Bahraini consulate in Israel and announced that similarly, an Israeli consulate had been endorsed for Manama.

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Israeli FM Gabi Askenazi, who is going to visit Manama next month, stated he hopes that an opening ceremony for the consulates would be held before the end of this year. Sudan also followed UAE and Bahrain in reaching towards a move for building a relationship with Israel.

Addressing people on Israel’s Army Radio, Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen stated that a pledge towards a strict policy on Iran by Biden would decide if many nations would choose to sign a normalization deal with Israel. The United States shares a close relation with Bahrain as well. The small kingdom over the Gulf from Iran is the base for the US Fifth Fleet.

The Palestinians, who want East Jerusalem as a state, have been agitated by the Arab nations’ commitment to Israel and the signing of the normalization deal. The UAE stated that the accords would help in peacebuilding and bringing stability to the region. Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu referred to the 2019 monetary peace meeting in which the US helped in gaining it in Bahrain. Non-stop flights with Gulf Air may start soon, expanding on the FlyDubai flights and Etihad trips in March 2021. Bahrain residents will have the option to apply for visas soon, Israel confirmed.



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