Joining efforts to counter Muslim Brotherhood need of the hour


Muslim Brotherhood has gained significant influence in Europe, noting that several institutions are deliberately funding its terror activities in the region. According to reports, Brotherhood activists continue to spread their anti-democratic agenda in the region with the aim of promoting an environment for radicalisation.

The Islamist group appears to be mere representative of the Muslim community across Europe, but its members are overseeing its growing web of institutions in the region. While the Muslim Brotherhood maintains influence in the Middle East, the Islamist group is considering Europe as its prominent region noting that they are able to finance their networks across several parts of the world from Europe.

Arab diplomats also consider United Kingdom to be the key centre and incubator for Brotherhood activities advocacy, and media activism. In line with such revelations, there has been an increasing call on London to ban the group as a terror institution to strengthen protection for its regional national security and overall peace and stability in the world. Previously, the UK faced criticism for lack of action to counter the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Political analysts and experts have further underlined the need for counter the activities of the terrorist group as they use “woke” language to cloak their true intentions in Europe and other parts of the world. Experts have recommended EU nations to work more closely in order to counter extremism from its roots. Last year, Austria took a hard line against ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in Vienna that killed four people in November 2020.

Founded in Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood has been declared a terrorist organization by leading Arab nations, including Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Egypt. However, it continues to maintain close ties with Turkey, noting that several members of the political Islamist groups took exile in Ankara after the Arab Spring. Despite its efforts to better ties with other countries in the Middle East, Turkey still refuses to label the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group and curtail its terror activities.

Furthermore, the group has ties with various political parties in North Africa which provide their financial and logistical assistance to carry out their terror activities. It has been reported that several Al-Qaeda leaders have originated in the Muslim Brotherhood to radicalise Muslims and spread extreme ideologies.



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