Lockdown increases hurdles for humanitarian groups in sending aid to millions stuck in war-zones

Norwegian Refugee Council, Middle East, US,

The lockdown, imposed in most of the nations across Middle East to prevent the spread of coronavirus, has increased the hurdles for humanitarian aid groups. The groups which support millions of refugees and displaced people stuck in war-zones including Syria, Yemen, Gaza Strip, and more, fear that these nation wide shutdowns, would do more harm to the people if the supply of certain good and services got blocked.

The authorities are not letting the aid workers send supplies or reach out of the people in these regions, where thousands are cramped in unsanitary tents. The workers believe that weak health care systems of these states would barley shield these people against the deadly coronavirus.

“While governments are taking tough and much-needed measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, millions of refugees and displaced people still depend on humanitarian assistance,” said Jan Egeland, head of the Norwegian Refugee Council.

Earlier this week, United Nations called for an immediate cease-fire in all parts of the world, especially in Middle East, the most vulnerable section of all. All the Mid-east war-torn regions are highly crowded without any proper medical assistance, which multiples the chances of people getting infected by the highly contagious virus.

On Wednesday, the US urged the Syrian government to stop its offensive campaign and allow the aid groups to provide help to the displaced. The US also urged the Assad government to release thousands of civilians detained in crowded jails, which makes them vulnerable to the virus.

The nations across Middle East took various protective measures to contain the virus from spreading including closing of borders, shutting down religious places, public places, cancelling flights and banning travel. In the region, Iran is combatting the worst outbreak with over 27,000 confirmed cases and a death toll of at least 2,077.



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