Muslim Brotherhood Comes Outs Of Shadows In Israeli Government Formation


Arabs Islamist Party has joined the Jewish nationalists in an Israeli coalition- the picture couldn’t get any murkier than this. Muslim Brotherhood has come to the helm; and Israel has a new government in the making.

The Mansour Abbas-led United Arab List’s decision marks the first time that an Arab party will serve in an Israeli government. But Benjamin Netanyahu might not been the dictator anymore. Whether Israel has a bright future ahead is hard to say owing to the fact the party has a strong influence from the Muslim Brotherhood.

The joint coalition now comprises Yair Lapid, of the centrist Yesh Atid party, and Naftali Bennett of the right-wing Yemina along with newly joined Abbas.

Political analysts are calling it as a marriage of convenience where the Muslim Brotherhood is only interested in forwarding its personal agenda and might not have good governance on its priority list. If the coalition government does come through, it will definitely end Netanyahu’s career.

The alliance still needs clearance from the Knesset and also marks the first time that an Arab party has served in an Israeli government since the formation of the state of Israel in 1948.

The United Arab List is the rump of Israel’s Islamic Movement and, as such, is understood to be aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood. Additionally, Hamas, the militant group that runs the Gaza Strip enjoys its popularity in the West Bank. It is a known fact that it has its origins and shares some strong friendships with the Muslim Brotherhood.

But strangely, the so called nervous Arabs politicians have been acting somewhat unsure about their active participation in the government of a state whose legitimacy, and even right to exist, are still so heavily disputed across much of the Arab and Muslim world.

Will Abbas’ being elected to run the country will be good for Palestinians living in Israel and others, is only something that time can tell.



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