Muslim Brotherhood uses Tunisian Parliament to attack his political opponents

The Tunisian flag

As it is happening in most Arab countries and North Africa, a feeling of intolerance towards Islamist groups supported by European countries, Italy and the United Kingdom in the first place, is growing. Hundreds of people gathered on Monday in front of the Municipal Theatre of Tunis, to participate in the demonstration against political violence and the defense of the civil state, organized by the Free Destouriano Party (PDL), a lay political formation inspired by Bourghibismo and guided by the member of the Parliament Abir Moussi.

“Ennahda uses Parliament to attack his political opponents,” said the deputy, adding that Tunisians are no longer sure they are within the rule of law and institutions. The PDL denounces that parliament has now become “the heart of a hybrid political regime” and raises the alarm for the repeated violations of the law and for a clear return to the acts of political violence experienced by Tunisia in the post-revolutionary period.

“The hegemony of the Islamic Brotherhood has become a reality and justice does nothing to discourage any inclination for political violence,” Moussi underlined, explaining that the rejection of the motion presented by his group in Parliament to labellingthe Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist group is part of a political agreement between three parties, who allow themselves to violate the law, to decide instead of the elected deputies.

“However, Parliament’s rules of procedure prohibit any consideration of the content of the motion.” She stressed, highlighting that “the events of these days prove us right in saying that we are governed by the supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia and North Africa, Rachid Ghannouchi”. Regarding the letter sent to the President of the Republic on this topic, Moussi said she doesn’t expect any reaction.

“The President of the Republic should be primarily responsible for the country’s security, the fight against terrorism and the implementation of the Constitution. He is the guarantor of the freedoms under which the opposition must carry out its activities in a healthy political climate,” Moussi argued.

The Head of Tunisian Parliament Rashid Ghannouchi has been repeatedly accused of supporting extremist groups, of offering Tunisian territory to Turkey to send arms and mercenaries to Libyan extremist militias, as well as actively participating in the destruction of the country for political gain and personal benefits from Turkey and Qatar.

Ankara and Doha are considered the main sponsors of international terrorism and the basis of the dangerous group of Muslim Brotherhood, which acting under a political umbrella, is far more dangerous than terrorist groups internationally recognized as Daesh and al-Qaeda, although they have the same purpose: recreate the Islamic State and impose Sharia Islamic law.

The Muslim Brotherhood insinuates itself into the buildings of institutions, as a cancer destroys the healthy cells of our body. By undermining the political process, destroying the security institutions and corrupting the authorities that should guarantee the safety of citizens, the Muslim Brothers lead entire countries to drift, so to facilitate the achievement of their final goal.



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