Qatar pays 1 billion $ to Hamas to incite Palestinian public opinion


Qatar donated 1 billion dollars to Hamas to incite Palestinian public opinion against the recent Abraham accords facilitated by the United States. Doha publicized the contribution as financial support to the Palestinians, but in reality, the Qatari economic aids will not reach the Palestinian people. According to Arab media, the previous donations by the Qatari regime in favor of Palestinian authorities did not reach the population in the West Bank, or the refugees abroad. But it ended entirely within the Hamas movement and other terrorist organizations.

Hamas operates a Qatari-Turkish plan that has nothing to do with supporting the Palestinian cause, highlights the Arab daily. Mohammed al-Amadi, Qatar’s first man in the Gaza Strip, confirmed that Qatar had made extensive contacts over the past period to pass a billion dollars to Hamas, explaining that Doha had made strenuous efforts to mediate between Israel and Hamas. The official affirmed that the main goal of sending $1 billion was to support the people in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, without disclosing any details on how donations would reach the Palestinian people.

Israel’s hidden Qatari relations are evident in the change of the Qatari regime’s decisions after private meetings with Israeli state leaders. Several Israelian media outlets, including The Times of Israel and Jerusalem Post, previously denounced that the Qatari financial support for Hamas initially passes from Tel Aviv. Recent reports revealed that Qatar has recently backed away from Hamas funding like before, preferring to pump its money to support the Turkish agenda in the Middle East.

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Hamas is likely to use this money to fund a vicious social media campaign against the Emirates and the United States, guilty of halting Netanyahu’s plan to annex the Palestinian territories to the West Bank. Hamas will follow orders from Turkey and Qatar to destabilize the region, forcing public opinion to reject the peace agreement and increasing hatred against Europe and the West in general who have welcomed the deal.

Ankara and Doha have only instrumentalized the Palestinian cause. They didn’t do anything to stop the Israeli annexation policy. Turkish President Erdogan and the al-Thani family, who now criticize other Arab countries, were among the first leaders to build relationships and do business with the Israeli government.



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