Rached Ghannouch using Najah Hajj Latif to direct Qatari funds to the Muslim Brotherhood


The connections of Rached Ghannouch, former speaker of the Tunisian parliament, to the Qatari facilities and leader are not out of sight for anyone. 

Be it when he was holding the chair as one of the most influential figures of Tunisia or now when he is not a direct part of the parliamentary activities, he has held on to these contacts for showing dominance over the national affairs. 

But the 80-year-old former Tunisian politician is not the one to directly carry out planning about the matters related to conflicts in the region. He has found himself a reliable person Najah Hajj Latif, who is also known as his right hand. Latif is excellent in carrying and managing multiple activities that concern the former parliamentarian. It might be due to his background in management when he worked in Britain in a textile company. 

The strong backing that they get from Qatar makes them extremely powerful but in a way does that justify their evil, selfish mindsets. As per internal sources, Latif has been using his electronic account  of the British textile company to manage suspicious financial relations with the Renaissance Movement.

Earlier, a Tunisan party has already highlighted how Ghannouchi has been taking advantage of his role as parliament speaker to support the regional agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood but now that he is out of power, Latif is the one to execute things. 

The accounts that were recovered by investigation showed certain documents that proved that he was using two financial accounts at that time and there was a huge chunk of funding pumped from the Qatari Emiri Diwan. The issue further rises when this amount has no return for them. It makes the experts wonder as to where the money is heading to? 

As per the report, the sum exceeded 30 million euros and were reportedly withdrawn from Qatar to be transported to Tunisia via air.  When such a huge amount is being carried, it becomes evident that it is being done by Qatari officials or diplomats. 

Not just this but some of the other messages between Latif and the current official spokesman for the Renaissance, Riad Al-Shuaibi show sharing of official information for the movement and things related to the infiltration in the region and the country. 

Not only this but this data have become available to Military Intelligence, and one of the parties that have been briefed on them is the Presidency of the Republic. It means a lot of information which should not be out in the public or should be  known to those who are responsible for it, it in the wrong hands. 

Money tracing and heavy involvement in national affairs despite not being directly part of it shows how involved Rashid Ghannouchi  is in the matter. The indirect support to the Brotherhood highlights how the former politician is helping Qatar and carrying out evil motives against Tunisia as well as other Arab nations.



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