Sudan works with Egypt to dismantle Muslim Brotherhood


Egypt wants to work together with Sudan to counter extremist groups and the Muslim Brotherhood, which have significant political influence in Egypt. Since Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi overthrew former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood has faced political pressure from Egypt’s military government.The government changed Morsi’s plans to lead the country based on the Muslim brotherhood ideologies. It has adopted a pro-Western policy. Although Egypt’s current president, Al-Sisi, has been widely accused of human rights abuses, he has focused on the Muslim Brotherhood as a challenge to his government.

Recently, the Sudanese government began working with Egypt to dismantle the Muslim Brotherhood, which is recognized as a terrorist organization by many countries around the world. Egypt wants to take advantage of Sudan’s efforts to help Egypt diminish the ideologies of this Muslim Organization, which poses a challenge to North African politics. The two countries have jointly begun to initiate new training and guidance for imams in Egypt this month to prevent radicalization to spread in the region.

Minister of Religious Affairs of the Sudan Nasr al-Din Mufreh said that the purpose of training opened in Cairo to train imams and remove complex radical thoughts to promote peace, harmony and the eradicate any group who believes in extremist philosophy. It is clear that the two countries are working together to reduce the power of religious groups and to find religious groups that are compatible with the current democratic system. From the Egyptian point of view, this is a great advantage for President Abdul Fatah Alzisi, who is facing a difficult political situation and needs the support of neighboring countries.

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Sudan, on the other hand, recovering from Hassan Bashir’s dictatorship, wants to create an open policy with the international community and neighboring countries. Sudan recently announced that it had entered into an agreement with Israel to normalize relations. The deal, brokered by the United States, was to remove Sudan the list of terrorist organization backed countries. This was a great opportunity for Sudan, but the Israeli-Sudanese agreement created a rift within Sudan that was seen as a coercion for the Sudanese people.

Minister of Endowment speaking the opening meeting also stressed that the purpose of the conference is to enhance the tolerance of Islam, and the eradication of ideas based extremism and violence. He noted that extremism is fueling war, hatred and violence, and that the world does not need it today. He said relations between Egypt and Sudan were based on co-operation and needed to be improved.Sudan, on the other hand, is working to counter the Islamic Brotherhood. It is a national plan to oppose terrorist group and join the Egyptian government to dismantle Muslim Brotherhood. According to reports, Sudan has revoked the citizenship of several suspected members of the Muslim Brotherhood and handed them over to Egypt.



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