Supreme Council of German Muslims Severs Connection with Muslim Brotherhood


The German entity of Supreme Council of German Muslims has now expelled all association with the Muslim brotherhood. Sources claim that this has happened after the German government themselves tightened things with this international organization.

All Brotherhood fronts have been expelled now. This also includes the Islamic Center in Munich and the Tabba Union of the Muslim Brotherhood; where both have not been allowed to contest the elections held this month on the 18th. Additionally, Ibrahim Al-Zayat was also stripped from the council. He is considered one of the Brotherhood leaders based in Germany. He has been removed from all his positions.

It is worth noting that El- Zayat held many positions of power in the Muslim brotherhood. He is of Egyptian origins and his expulsion does not good to the Egyptian image as well. He had been president of the Islamic Society in Germany since 2001.

However, it is interesting to note how Egypt had already designated the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization in 2013. This happened months after the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi following mass protests. Saudi Arabia and the UAE followed suit in 2020.

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The Council of German Muslims held its elections on Sunday amid major challenges facing Muslims in Germany. Foremost of these is taking advantage of their legitimate platforms that represent them by the Brotherhood group.

Almost all leading Muslim Brotherhood figures in Egypt have been arrested and face trial following Morsi’s ouster. The decision to remove his has been brewing since 2019.

Back then, when the former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi had passed away in custody, more than 300 mosques throughout Germany called for performing the prayer for the dead for him. The government had been against his associations with the Muslim Brotherhood. It was also discovered that a majority of these mosques were affiliated with the Islamic Community of Germany, which is funded by Ankara through the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB).

Political analysts had then also warned about the possibility of a dangerous connection that existed between Turkish mosques in Germany and the Muslim Brotherhood. The story now is an aftermath of all these major developments.



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