The Muslim Brotherhood’s presence in the UK

Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood, which was founded in 1928 by Hasan al-Banna, has undergone dramatic structural and ideological changes.

The group remains deliberately opaque and has established its presence in the United Kingdom. When the Arab countries exposed the truth about the Brotherhood, the group went to Europe and Britain.

Recently, Turkey condemned the group for attempting to incite violence in Egypt. Turkey also said that the group posed a threat to public security. Earlier, many people also blamed the group for encouraging attacks on women in Egypt. Reports also claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood incited violence against Coptic Christians in Egypt.

When Arab countries tried to sideline the elements of the Muslim Brotherhood, the group began to establish new bases in the UK and the European Union.

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Over the years, the group has established its links in the UK and national organisations in and outside the Islamic world. However, the group often calls Western societies and liberal Muslims immoral. The group has also been associated with violent extremism. Muslim Brotherhood-associated and influenced groups in the UK have also characterised the UK as fundamentally hostile to the Muslim faith.

Reports claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK has supported suicide bombing and other attacks in Israel by Hamas. Several reports also claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood carried out terrorist acts against people.

The UK is considered an incubator for Muslim Brotherhood political and media activism. The group has also used London as a major hub for business activities.

In recent years, European countries have taken measures to close down the Brotherhood associations supported by Qatar. Recently, reports emerged that the fronts of the Muslim Brotherhood are funded by Qatar, especially the Saxony Forum.

Since the Muslim Brotherhood’s arrival in Europe, European policy towards the Muslim Brotherhood has taken several phases.

Two years ago, the German Interior Ministry said it stopped funding IRW (Islamic Relief Worldwide) and Islamic Relief Deutschland (IRD) over their ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2021, some members of the Muslim Brotherhood were accused of supporting violence in the UK.

Recently, the group was accused of undermining Britain’s commitment to freedom of religion and multiculturalism.



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