Did you know that you can now rent housing units in Mecca for Saudi-owned Hajj pilgrims?


The requests from citizens to get rent housing units to accommodate Hajj pilgrims is started now, the Pilgrims’ Housing Committee in Makkah mayor announced.

The committee first asked all the owners of the housing units whether they were ready to give their housing units for rent to stay for the pilgrims. The committee will also contact you immediately to complete the permit issuance procedures for your housing units.

The applications from citizens for giving their houses on rent will continue to come in upcoming times as the mayor said.

There are many engineering consultancy offices marked by the Civil Defense and Mayor. They firstly verify the basic rules and needs for housing need and after verifying and looking at the condition on the scale of the rule permit and issue a fitness certificate for accommodation units of the pilgrims.

Pilgrims’ Housing Committee will issue permits for housing units to accommodate pilgrims the officials said in their comment.

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The committee working on it said to the residents there to come forward and take interest to know about the terms and conditions by which the procedure of issuance and permits will start. These rules and regulations will use in the time of verification of home units to give on rent to pilgrims.

The mayor also made an announcement and said to the citizens and owners of properties who are willing to rent their housing using will come forward. He also said that the accommodation can be rented out after verifying all the necessary safety and security points and requirements.

So, now all owners of housing units who are wishing to rent out their housing units to accommodate pilgrims can contact the engineering offices to start the procedure.



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