Afghanistan, first flight to Washington with US interpreters and collaborators

“I want to thank these brave Afghans for being on the side of the United States,” Joe Biden said in the statement released by the


Syria, bombings and clashes in Daraa cause at least 23 deaths

At least eight civilians, seven militiamen, and eight soldiers were killed in the bombings and clashes in the province of Daraa, in Syria, the scene


Armenia-Azerbaijan, new clashes on the border

Azerbaijan and Armenia accepted the Russian-mediated ceasefire, which ended the early morning clashes on the border between the two Caucasian countries that resulted in the


Najib Mikati to form a new executive for Lebanon

Lebanese President Michel Aoun began consultations on Sunday, 26 July, to designate a new Prime Minister who will make the third attempt in a year


After 18 years, the US ends the combat mission in Iraq

Eighteen years after setting foot in the region – indeed, “boots on the ground” – the United States is decreasing its presence in Iraq. Washington


Afghanistan, government announces curfew and the Taliban advance

The Taliban offensive is putting Kabul in serious trouble. Ashraf Ghani’s government tries to respond, but the advance of the fundamentalists continues. The internationally recognized