Saudi Arabia releases Osama bin Laden’s half-brother

Saudi Arabia released construction magnate and patriarch of the bin Laden family, Bakr bin Laden, who was arrested in November 2017 and detained at the

Iran Saudi Arabia

Winds of change in the Middle East. Iran confirms ongoing dialogues with Saudi Arabia

The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cut bilateral relations in 2016 over scandals over the execution of a Shiite cleric


Why Is Russia Invested In Portable Docks Near Syria?

Russia is now planning to build a floating dock, off the Syrian coast. This is not good news for Syria at all. While the world


Why Lebanon Is Going To Lose Turkish Electricity Too?

Accruing to the worst financial crises that Lebanon has faced in over a decade, it is now under fire for going dark. Running its services


Syria and Saudi Arabia ready to re-establish full diplomatic relations, Arab media reveal

The Syrian conflict, after more than ten years from its beginning, could have come to a turning point. Indeed, local media revealed the arrival of


Turkey, Erdogan knocks on the doors of the Caucasus

In recent years, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has pursued an increasingly aggressive foreign policy towards surrounding regions to revive the Ottoman Empire. Not only