Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Social media monitoring in Turkey: detention, prosecutions over criticisms of Erdogan’s regime

Turkish authorities have detained and prosecuted large numbers of journalists and activists over social media posts criticizing Turkey’s regime, including the Erdogan’s management of COVID-19….

Electrical substations in Libya
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Turkey to solve Libyan crisis of electricity, thousand million dollars projects announced

On June 29, the president of the General Electric Company of Libya (GECOL), Abdul Majeed Hamzah, had a long meeting with the Turkish ambassador to Tripoli, Serhat Aksin….

National Flag of Italy
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Italy confiscates 14 tons of amphetamines made by ISIS, probably destined for Syrian mercenaries in Libya

On Tuesday, the Italian of Naples seized 14 tons of amphetamines, 84 million of captagon-branded tablets, produced in Syria by ISIS to finance terrorism. Their worth on the market is over 1 billion euros….

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
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Erdogan reduced Turkey to hunger, poverty limit exceeds 4 times the minimum wage

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the crazy military missions abroad, the Erdogan’s waste of public money to finance extremist….

Waving Flag of the Arab League
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Libya: Reservations from 4 countries on the Arab League resolution

Four countries expressed reservations about the final resolution issued by the Arab League Council following the meeting of foreign ministers on developments in the situation in Libya on Tuesday…

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
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Turkey’s interventions in the Middle East irk the Arabs

For long Turkey was more Europe-looking and considered getting mixed up with the conflict-ridden affairs of the Middle East a liability….

National flag of Libya
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why war is no longer a solution in Libya

After the conflict in Libya between the GNA and the LNA has turned into a larger-scale proxy war with the intervention of Russia and Turkey, it is clear that neither side is able to prevail over the other….

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OPEC+ has helped reduce oil price volatility

A new study has highlighted the positive effects of OPEC+, an extended group of oil producers created in 2017….

Parliament house in Beirut, Lebanon. Editorial.
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Lebanon’s Banking Association is not pleased with the government stats presented to IMF

The Lebanese government plan, which will build the basis of the dialogue on monetary aid with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)….

Oil deal
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Oil deal and IMF-Egypt loan agreement pushes Gulf stocks up

MIDEAST STOCKS have shown positive growth after Sunday’s oil deal struck between the OPEC+ group members, who agreed to extent the record….