Libya: Dbeibah has already failed, forgetting the meaning of “national unity”

Libya– In Libya, the idea of holding the elections on time as scheduled for December 24, 2021, is increasingly receding. The Government of National Unity


Kavala case: It is time for the EU to take concrete action against the Turkish regime

Turkey–Kavala case: It is time for the Nothing has changed in Turkey. The pressure of the European Union for the sultan to respect human rights


What is the reason behind the tussle between Iran-Azerbaijan?

Iran– The situation between Iran and Azerbaijan has been at odds since quite sometime now. The issue majorly involved enthic groups, tribes and regional differences


Qatar’s plan to sabotage elections in Libya

Libya– According to the Berlin Process, the UN resolutions, and the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), Libya will hold national and parliamentary elections on December


Is Macron trying to woo the right wing politicians ahead of 2022 elections by fueling the crisis with Algeria?

Algeria-Bitter Visa row between Algeria and France has ignited to the point that the latter has called for its ambassador back and not just this,


Beirut: The port blast seems a mystery destined to remain unsolved

Lebanon– We know little about the mysterious explosion of the port of Beirut, similar to a mushroom cloud that devastated entire neighborhoods of the Lebanese


The Middle East by Erdogan, Turkey at the center of the crisis

Turkey– Today Turkey is the center of gravity, if not the reason, for the leading international crises. First of all, the wars in Syria and


Russia-Turkey finally call it quits after leaders meet to discuss their future

Turkey– Nine months ago, it seemed that relations between Russia and Turkey had reached a roadblock and there is no way things could work out


Presidents of Russia & Turkey on Rising Crime Rate in Syria

Syria–Presidents of Russia and Turkey met to discuss on the rising violence and crime rate in Syria. It is a disturbing factor since the lives


Yemeni PM Returns Amidst Frozen Economy And Falling Riyal

Yemen– As the currency in Yemen hits rock bottom, Maeen Abdul Malik Saeed is back with the intentions of reviving hopes of the Yemeni population