Israel, the worst environmental catastrophe of the last ten years

The entire Israeli Mediterranean coast has been reached by a black tide of tar driven by the storm of recent days. It’s a terrible environmental


Farmajo uses Somalian security crisis as an excuse to defy constitution and remain in power

Earlier this month, Somalian parliament ruled out the possibility of extending tenure of incumbent President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo. As per Somalian constitution, a President’s terms


Algeria releases the journalist Khaled Dhararni, the situation of press freedom in Arab countries

On Friday evening, Algerian authorities released journalist Khaled Dhararni, who had turned into a symbol of the fight for press freedom in Algeria, a day

Afghanistan _Kabul

Afghanistan, Taliban car bomb attack kills two professors in Kabul

For Afghan fanatics all citizens are dangerous, anyone who can support his opinion, who contests the dogmatic reading of Islam and their falsehoods, anyone who


Although there is little to celebrate, Libyans rejoice the 10th anniversary of the 17 February’s revolution

Libyans today celebrate the tenth anniversary of the 17thFebruary revolution. Thousands gather in most city squares across the country, particularly in the Martyrs’ square in


A heavy legacy for the new Libyan government appointed by the LPDF

While international observers and media see that the foreign mercenaries’ file, stability, security, and openness of the coastal road are the most important issues facing


Is the situation in Libya close to a turning point? The new president meets Haftar in Benghazi

The new temporary unified government, which has the task of accompanying Libya to national elections on December 24, 2021, according to the road-map agreed by


The political track has failed in Syria, no joint declaration by the UN Security Council

On Tuesday, the UN Security Council failed to agree on a joint declaration on Syria, at the end of a day of negotiations marked by


Libya has a new temporary unified government, the preparatory phase for a comprehensive solution

On Friday afternoon, February 5, 2021, the acting Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Libya, Stephanie Williams, announced the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF)


Lokman Slim, Hezbollah’s critic and Lebanese political commentator shot dead

On Thursday morning, Lokman Slim, a renowned Lebanese political writer and an ardent Hezbollah critic, was found dead in his car in southern Lebanon. Police