Will Democracy Become A Distant Dream In Sudan, Again?

Sudan has a new battle to deal with.  Radical Islamists loyal to the regime of the ousted dictator Omar Al Bashir are gradually entering the

Elon Musk

Elon Musk Activates Starlink As America Eases Internet Restrictions On Iran

Elon Musk is said to have activated the Starlink as the American government has eased its restrictions on the Iranian internet services. Taking on to


Amnesty Requests UN Security Council Probe Into The Death Of Mahsa Amini In Iran

Amnesty International is seeking UN help to initiate an independent probe into the violence that is brewing in Iran, in the wake of the death

Air Arabia

Air Arabia Ties Up with Sudanese Dal Group For Low Cost Offering At Khartoum International Airport

In a brave move to move towards progress, Sudan has started a low-cost airline that will be based out of the Khartoum International Airport. The


Will Lebanon Have A Stable Government Ever?

Situation of governance in Lebanon isn’t getting any better. There is no government and soon there will be a situation of a ‘no president’. Where


Germany: Central Muslims Council strips Ibrahim Zayat of posts

The Supreme Council of German Muslims barred Muslim Brotherhood fronts from the elections held on September 18—including the Islamic Center in Munich and the Tabba

Hijab In Iran

Woman, 22, Dies Days After Arrest By ‘Morality Police’ In Iran

A 22-year-old Iranian woman who fell into a coma after being arrested in Tehran, the capital of Iran, by the morality police died on Friday,


Syrian Prisoner Photos Trapped In War Crime Web Unearthen On A Private Website

Horrors of wars of 2013 have come to surface over a private website that has stirred memories and exposed atrocities committed against Syrians kept in

Arbaeen pilgrimage

Arbaeen Pilgrimage Becomes A Crowd And Business Puller For Karbala

Iraq’s Karbala city has found an innovative way to handle its money crisis. The Arbaeen pilgrimage is helping make up the money for the inhabitants.

water shortages

How Middle East Is Using Desalination To Harness Drinking Water

The Middle East is becoming increasingly moving towards opting for desalination plants as water shortage looms heavy on their head. Sea water is salty and