Middle East

New raids in Syria, a hospital in Afrin bombed: at least 18 dead

On Saturday, the al Shifaa hospital, in the city of Afrin, in northern Syria, was bombed with heavy artillery as part of a military attack

Middle East

Israel launches overnight airstrikes on Gaza in response to incendiary balloons release from Hamas

Not much long after officially calling ceasefire bringing an end to 11 day of Israel – Palestinian conflict, airstrikes were again launched in the region.

Middle East

Iran exceeds the 60% uranium enrichment threshold

“Iran has carried out an enrichment of uranium to 63% and, if necessary, we will immediately start enriching uranium above this level.” Iranian President Hassan

Middle East

Coalition ousts Netanyahu as Israeli Prime Minister ending his 12 years power-run

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest serving prime minister, has been ousted from power by opposition coalition thereby ending his 12 years run in power. On Sunday

Middle East

Fierce legal battle for compensation keeps Ever Given grounded in Egyptian waters

Ever Given, the 220,000 ton cargo ship has been grounded in Egyptian waters by authorities as legal battle rages between ship’s owners, insurance companies and

Middle East

Jordanian Parliament dismisses MP Al Ajarmeh for instigating protests

The Jordanian Parliament on Sunday voted to expel MP Osama Al Ajarmeh after his tribal supporters attacked security forces in a violent protest in the

Middle East

Lebanon’s central bank overturns decision on dollar withdrawal

The governor of Lebanon’s central bank Thursday reversed the decision to halt withdrawals, after the rule triggered public outrage and street protests across the country.

Middle East

Erdogan’s crazy project, the Turkish president announced the start of works to double the Bosphorus canal in late June

Erdogan launched his latest crazy idea, to create a new Canal to double the Bosphorus, obliterating part of the city of Istanbul. The Turkish President

Middle East

Yemeni government warns: Houthi summer camps for children are military training facilities

The legitimate Yemeni government renewed its warning about the dangers arising from the decision of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia to open hundreds of children’s camps

Middle East

How Egypt is focusing on archaeology to support its tourism sector in crisis

From the announced discovery of a 3,000-year-old lost city south of Luxor to fireworks and float transfer of 22 of the country’s prized royal mummies