how iran's khamenei propelled a little known moderate to the presidency
Middle East

How Iran’s Khamenei Propelled a Little-Known Moderate to the Presidency

Unbelievably, the result of the most recent presidential contest was greatly shaped by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Though more seasoned candidates were favored,

alula becomes first middle eastern city accredited by destinations international
Middle East

AlUla Becomes First Middle Eastern City Accredited by Destinations International

The ancient city of AlUla in Saudi Arabia has made its name on a fresh type of desert sand, the sands of international travel praise.

how bahrain reacted to muscat shooting
Middle East

How Bahrain Reacted to Muscat Shooting

The recent horrifying event in Muscat, Oman rocked the whole country. Bahrain, a neighbour, quickly and categorically denounced the act. Let us explore Bahrain’s reaction

middle east beware iranian hackers are using a new hack system called bugsleep
Middle East

Middle East Beware: Iranian Hackers are Using a New Hack System Called BugSleep

With Iranian hackers using a sophisticated hacking method called “BugSleep,” a fresh cyber menace hangs over the Middle East. This advanced tool is notifying authorities

a breakdown of what russia wants with the middle east
Middle East

A Breakdown of What Russia Wants with the Middle East

Widespread attention and study have gone to Russia’s comeback as a major Middle Eastern power. Moscow’s complex regional goals are motivated by a mix of

the french judiciary’s decision against the syrian president an in depth analysis
Middle East

Syrians Head to Polls Amid Economic Woes and Potential Assad Extension

On Monday, Syrians voted for a new parliament, a democratic step that could lead to a constitutional amendment extending current President Bashar Assad’s term. This

argentina designated hamas as a terrorist organization, aligns strongly with u.s. and israel
Middle East

Argentina Designated Hamas as a Terrorist Organization, Aligns Strongly with U.S. and Israel

By identifying Hamas as a terrorist organization and ordering the freezing of the financial assets of the Palestinian group, Argentina made a major Friday action.

breaking israeli military issues mass evacuation for gaza city
Middle East

Breaking: Israeli Military Issues Mass Evacuation for Gaza City

Among rising military activity in the northern areas, the Israeli army has instructed every Gaza City dweller to flee southward to the center Gaza Strip.

is biden right netanyahu wants war with hamas to go on
Middle East

Israeli Officials Point Fingers at Netanyahu Over Prisoner Exchange Impasse

Particularly given Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s strong posture on several “nonnegotiable” demands, the latest deadlock in the prisoner swap discussions between Israel and Hamas has

the french judiciary’s decision against the syrian president an in depth analysis
Middle East

French Court’s Shocking Decision on Syrian President – You Won’t Believe the Outcome

The most recent decision by the French court against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has shook world events. Examining the decision, nevertheless, reveals that this story