the future of iran's nuclear force a possibility or a pandora’s box
Middle East

The Future of Iran’s Nuclear Force: A Possibility or a Pandora’s Box?

Iran’s nuclear programme has sparked international strife for decades. Formally referred to as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the 2015 Iran nuclear accord

ireland, norway and spain recognize palestine as a state
Middle East

Breaking: Ireland, Norway, and Spain Formally Recognize Palestinian State

Ireland, Norway, and Spain have moved a big step closer to establishing diplomatic ties with the Palestinian national government with the official recognition of the

Middle East

The Richest Businessmen In Kuwait

Kuwait, a West Asian country is famous worldwide for its history, cultural richness, and architecture of the country. Not only for these things but Kuwait

us plans to send $1 billion in military aid to israel
Middle East

US plans to send $1 billion in military aid to Israel despite earlier pause on bombs over Rafah invasion

The Biden administration is planning to send a $1 billion package of US military aid to Israel, as per media reports, despite the country’s strong

humanitarian crisis in rafah
Middle East

The Humanitarian Crisis in Rafah

Rafah is a city in Palestine. There is lots of fighting there with Israeli soldiers. Last year, over one million Palestinians had to leave their

the gaza conflict intensifies us pauses arms shipment to israel over rafah assault fears
Middle East

The Gaza Conflict Intensifies: US Pauses Arms Shipment to Israel Over Rafah Assault Fears

The war between Israel and Hamas is getting worse. The United States stopped sending bombs to Israel last week. They did this out of concern

israel stops al jazeera tv from working there
Middle East

Israel Stops Al Jazeera TV From Working There

Israel’s government made a big choice. They decided to stop the Al Jazeera TV station from working in their country. Israel’s leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, said

cia chief goes to egypt to try to stop gaza fighting
Middle East

CIA Chief Goes to Egypt to Try to Stop Gaza Fighting

CIA Director Burns is in Cairo right now. He is there to help with important talks about trying to get a ceasefire (temporary stop to

turkey stops all trade with israel over gaza crisis
Middle East

Turkey Stops All Trade with Israel Over Gaza Crisis

Turkey has stopped all trade with Israel because of the very bad situation in Gaza. Turkey says there is a “worsening humanitarian tragedy” happening to

so many more people flying to middle east and africa
Middle East

So Many More People Flying to Middle East and Africa

Way way way more people are taking aeroplanes to travel these days. A big group called IATA says there are a whole bunch of brand-new