bahrain honors world chess day amid growing interest and international achievements

Bahrain Honors World Chess Day Amid Growing Interest and International Achievements

Bahrain recognizes World Chess Day on July 20 and celebrates its rich chess tradition as well as its rising popularity on the international arena. The

bahrain's sheikh nasser reaffirms commitment to abraham accords amid regional tensions

Bahrain’s Sheikh Nasser Reaffirms Commitment to Abraham Accords Amid Regional Tensions

Underlining once more its relentless dedication to the Abraham Accords despite continuing regional tensions including Israel, Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa recently spoke in

saudi arabia's king salman park how is it the largest urban park in the middle east

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Park: How is it the Largest Urban Park in the Middle East

King Salman Park (KSP), tucked away in the center of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is destined to be a monument. Offering a vivid green haven inside

china's solar industry eyes the middle east why

China’s Solar Industry Eyes the Middle East – Why?

Leading worldwide, China’s solar sector is deliberately aiming for the Middle East. A convergence of elements drives this eastward migration, therefore offering a bright future

 human traffickers, militias, mass graves the perilous path of migrants through libya

 Human Traffickers, Militias, Mass Graves: The Perilous Path of Migrants Through Libya

The Constant Fear of Migrants in Libya The raid by Libyan security forces in the coastal town of Zuwara came without warning. On a Wednesday

israel forced to comply prisoner exchange finally underway

Israel Left with No Choice but to Comply: Prisoner Exchange Finally Happening

Within the long-standing and complicated struggle between Israel and Hamas, prisoner exchanges have become once more important topic of discussion. Once again at the forefront

unveiling a disturbing truth un human rights chief sounds alarm on libya

Unveiling a Disturbing Truth: UN Human Rights Chief Sounds Alarm on Libya

The UN human rights head shockingly revealed that a mass grave found close to the Libya-Tunisia border has drawn worldwide notice. This revelation emphasizes the

tunisia’s democratic crossroads saied schedules october election amidst rising authoritarianism

Tunisia’s Democratic Crossroads: Saied Schedules October Election Amidst Rising Authoritarianism

President Kais Saied, Tunisia’s increasingly dictatorial leader, has announced the date for the next presidential elections on October 6. This decision was announced as his

the kigali amendment bahrain joins global effort against climate change

The Kigali Amendment: Bahrain Joins Global Effort Against Climate Change

With Bahrain’s recent Kigali Amendment ratification, the worldwide fight against climate change achieves a major turning point. Bahrain restates its dedication to environmental responsibility and

historic ruling ultra orthodox men to be drafted into israeli military

Historic Ruling: Ultra-Orthodox Men to Be Drafted into Israeli Military

In a landmark decision, Israel’s Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that the military must begin drafting ultra-Orthodox men for military service. This ruling, announced on