ebrahim raisi what happens after the president’s death

Iran’s Political Future: What Happens After the President’s Death

There is now a great deal of doubt regarding Iran’s future course after President Ebrahim Raisi’s untimely demise. Both domestic politics and the country’s geopolitical

The Global Leaders We Lost to Air Crashes

Tragedy in the Skies: The Global Leaders We Lost to Air Crashes

in positions of authority have not always benefited from it. Significant politicians and leaders have died in plane accidents around the world, causing national grief

iran president ebrahim raisi has been killed

Breaking News: Iranian President Dies on Helicopter Tragedy

The heart of Iran is heavy with grief as the nation grapples with the sudden and tragic loss of President Ebrahim Raisi. The president’s helicopter,

bahrain’s king advocates for mideast harmony

A Pivotal Call for Peace: Bahrain’s King Advocates for Mideast Harmony

A historic demand for an international peace conference has been issued by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain, who is expected to change

blinken criticizes israel's actions in gaza

Blinken Criticizes Israel’s Actions in Gaza

Antony Blinken, the U.S. Secretary of State, strongly criticized Israel’s ally over its actions in the ongoing war in Gaza. Blinken’s comments on Sunday news


Can raging Israel-Hamas conflict influence South Africa general election 2024?

Hamas militants launched a surprise attack on Israeli cities on October 7, killing some 1,200 people and taking dozens of others hostages. Israel’s retaliatory strikes

iran’s role in sudan a cause for concern

Iran’s Role in Sudan- A Cause for Concern

After the Hamas war and Israel’s strong retaliatory action, the condition of Hamas is bad and there has also been a rift with Iran. Perhaps

israel may attack rafah, egypt worries

Israel May Attack Rafah, Egypt Worries

Egypt is very scared that Israel may attack Rafah in Gaza. Rafah is in the south part of Gaza. Over one million Palestinian people live

ecowas and algeria to work together for peace and migrants

ECOWAS and Algeria to Work Together for Peace and Migrants

The leaders of ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) and Algeria recently had a meeting. At the meeting, they agreed to have regular talks.

 biden's plan for peace in the middle east

The Delusions Behind Biden’s Plan for Peace in the Middle East

On the surface, President Biden’s Plan for Peace in the Middle East to make new friends with some Arab countries. The United States gives a