Iran President Vows

Iran President Vows Of “Decisive Action” Against Anti-Hijab Protests

The President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, has vowed “decisive action” against anti-hijab protests that have rocked the country since the death of  22 years old

Iraqi PM Al Kadhimi

Kadhimi Expresses Earnestness In Resolving Political Deadlock In Iraq

Mustafa Al Kadhimi has a lot on his plate and he is trying to accommodate it all well. He would need to however, prioritize pushing

Syrian refugee

Why Did US Ignore the Rakban Camp In Syria?

It seems that the Rukban refugee camp that is located close to an American military base will see none of the whooping aid that the


Supreme Council of German Muslims Severs Connection with Muslim Brotherhood

The German entity of Supreme Council of German Muslims has now expelled all association with the Muslim brotherhood. Sources claim that this has happened after

Saudi Prince to travel London

Saudi Prince to travel London to deliver condolences on Queen’s death

Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Mohammed bin Salman will visit London to convey Saudi Arabia’s condolences to the royal family, according to a


Lebanon Gets IMF Mission To Analyse Slow Progress On Borrowing Agreement

Lebanon had agreed on reform when borrowing from IMF. But that doesn’t seem to have happened. Next week, a special mission from the IMF would

Emirates airline and United Airline

Emirates Enters Into Codeshare Agreement With United Airlines

Emirates have tied up with the top US airlines with the aim of boosting their travel and trade movement between the Emirates and the United


Confusion Between Azerbaijan and Armenia Sees Russia As Peacekeeping Force Again

There have been fresh clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan creating havoc in both countries. This has been considered the deadliest clash between the two countries


Morocco Acknowledges Jordon’s Role In Strengthening Palestinian Democracy

Morocco has admitted that Jordon indeed has a central role to play when it comes to solving the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Morocco shares close cordial relations


Should UN Watchdog Ignore Israeli Warning Signs Against Nuclear Deal?

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Yair Lapid says Israel is conducting a successful diplomatic campaign to stop the nuclear agreement. Israel does not feel secure about the