explore the future 05 new technological trends in 2024

Explore the future: 05  new technological trends in 2024

The speed at which technology evolves today allows for faster change and progress, which in turn accelerates the rate of change. But it’s not just

taylor swift's biggest 10 billboard hits that should be in your loop…

Taylor Swift’s Biggest 10 Billboard Hits that should be in your Loop…

Taylor Alison Swift is an American Singer Songwriter who has influenced a mass audience in the country and worldwide. She has a huge fan base

on the world stage louis vuitton celebrates skin tone spectrum at unesco

On the World Stage: Louis Vuitton Celebrates Skin Tone Spectrum at UNESCO

A Tribute to Humanity in Fashion In the run up to  Paris Olympics, Louis Vuitton celebrated the beauty of human diversity with a star studded

top 5 richest boxers in the world
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Top 5 richest boxers in the world

Boxing not only brings fame and notoriety to the best fighters, it also allows them to rake in large sums of money.  From Mohamed Ali

why snapchat is a big deal for the middle east

Why Snapchat is a Big Deal for the Middle East

While globally social media behemoths like Facebook and Twitter rule supreme in many places of the world, Snapchat has a particular and strong presence in

delicious and refreshing top 8 arab snacks for the summer

Delicious and Refreshing top 8 Arab Snacks for the Summer

When summer arrives, there’s nothing quite like indulging in refreshing and light snacks that satisfy your cravings without weighing you down. The Arab world offers

euro 2024 the battle begins with germany vs. scotland details

Euro 2024: The Battle Begins with Germany vs. Scotland – Details

The stage is set for an electrifying start to Euro 2024 as Germany and Scotland prepare to face off in the opening match. The eyes

why the middle east is the go to vacation spot in the post pandemic world
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Why the Middle East is the Go-To Vacation Spot in the Post-Pandemic World

The Middle East has become to represent tenacity in the travel and tourist industry as the area with the biggest post-pandemic comeback globally. Setting a

musk’s x officially starts anonymous likes for all users

Musk’s X officially starts anonymous likes for all users, the reason for this, pros and cons and much more…

Wednesday morning saw an update in Twitter (X) where all the likes were made anonymous, that means the user wouldn’t be able to see the

uefa euro 2024 who are the new football icons we need to look out for

UEFA Euro 2024: Who are the New Football Icons We Need to Look Out for?

With June upon us, the football world turns to Germany, the country hosting UEFA Euro 2024. Starting on the fifteenth, this competition promises to be