g7 summit what global leaders are talking about in 2024 20240615 162029 0000

G7 Summit: What Global Leaders are Talking About in 2024

Hosted in the stunning Apulia area of Italy, the G7 Summit gathered leaders from the top economies in the world to address a wide spectrum

iran’s expanding influence in sudan technical training and strategic implications

Iran’s Expanding Influence in Sudan: Technical Training and Strategic Implications

A big step forward in the bilateral relations between Sudan and Iran has been taken with the arrival of five technical experts. A growing military

ios 18 open ai integration why elon musk is hating on it
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iOS 18 Open AI Integration: Why Elon Musk is Hating On It

A significant turning moment in mobile operating systems is reached and a new era of AI-powered help starts with the inclusion of ChatGPT from OpenAI

release of hostages during iron swords war, november 2023. xviii

Four hostages rescued in Israeli military operation in central Gaza

The Israeli army has announced that four hostages have been freed during a special operation in the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

un adds israeli army to blacklist for child harm in conflict 20240608 133256 0000

UN Adds Israeli Army to Blacklist for Child Harm in Conflict

This decision comes after eight months of fighting in Gaza, where over 13,000 children have reportedly been killed. The announcement was made a day after

switching skins the reason behind starship’s transition from carbon fiber to stainless steel

Elon Musk: The Reason Behind Starship’s Transition from Carbon Fiber to Stainless Steel

Elon Musk’s concept of space travel is always evolving, as demonstrated by the physical changes made to SpaceX’s Starship. Initially planned to be constructed of

saudi arabia calls on muslims to spot dhul hijja crescent moon ahead of eid al adha

Saudi Arabia calls on Muslims to spot Dhul-Hijja crescent moon ahead of Eid al-Adha

The Court asked anyone who saw the crescent, either with the naked eyes or through binoculars, to inform the nearest court and record their testimony.

ronaldo celebrates leading his team to king’s cup final

Ronaldo Celebrates Leading His Team to King’s Cup Final

Cristiano Ronaldo helped lead his soccer team Al-Nassr to the final of the important King’s Cup tournament. After winning the semifinal game 3-1 against the

jordan encourages participation of women in military forces

Jordan encourages participation of women in military forces

On Monday, the Armed Forces of Jordan initiated a project that aimed to increase the participation of women in it. It is marked as one

blinken embarks on middle east tour

Blinken Embarks on Middle East Tour, Scheduled to Meet Arab Leaders in Cairo

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken initiates Middle East tour to secure Gaza ceasefire. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has embarked on a tour