Saudi sisters in Sydney

Mystery deaths of Saudi sisters in Sydney

Australia– The renters hadn’t paid rent in more than three months, and mail was piling up outside the door. They discovered two deceased ladies inside—sisters


Sadr followers pray outside Iraqi parliament in show of force

Iraq– In a show of solidarity for the influential Shiite cleric who has demanded that the Iraqi court dismiss parliament by the end of next


Saudi’s $10 billion pledge to Egypt delivers first deals

Saudi arabia –In order to support the faltering economy of a nation regarded as a keystone in the Arab world, a unit of Saudi Arabia’s


Why Are Startups Attracting So Much Attention In the MENA region?

Saudi arabia–MENA region is all for startups and this can be seen in their handsome investment portfolio. Dominating the scene is the Kingdom aka Saudi


Hezbollah leader ready for all options to protect Lebanon’s oil and gas

Lebanon–While warning Israel against making miscalculations toward Lebanon, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said that his party is ready to do everything to protect Lebanon’s


MoU signed to combat desertification in Al-Baha region

Saudi arabia– On Sunday, the Strategic Office for the Development of the Al-Baha area and the National Center for the Development of Vegetation Cover and


Why Is Jordon Suddenly Lukewarm Over the Joint Industrial Project With Israel?

Jordan– Things have hit a roadblock between Jordon and Israel over a promising cross-border industrial project; all because Israel refuses to stop excluding Palestinians from


Turkey Is Happy To Pay In Roubles For Natural Gas Supply From Russia

Turkey–Everyone’s enemy is my friend- is the diplomacy mantra that Turkey follows as it opens wide its arms to embrace the heavily sanctioned Russia by


Why Is Everyone So Angry In Lebanon?

Lebanon– In a global survey, it has been ascertained that Lebanon has come on the top position of the world’s most angry country. In a

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: AlUla ‘snapper’ uses drone to catch 550m-year-old Fish Rock

Saudi arabia– The desert of AlUla in Saudi Arabia, home to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) World Heritage sites, has a new