whats happening between armenia azerbaijan over nagorno karabakh

What’s happening between Armenia-Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh

Azerbaijan, one of six independent Turkic states, has launched “anti-terrorist activities” in the Nagorno-Karabakh region in order to drive away Armenian troops. This has escalated

whats behind the growing tensions between india and canada

What’s behind the growing tensions between India and Canada?

On 19 September, the Republic of India expelled a Canadian diplomat, escalating a row between the two countries. This came hours after Canada expelled India’s

eu grain bans a geopolitical agricultural puzzle

EU Grain Bans: A Geopolitical Agricultural Puzzle

Recent developments have brought to light the intricate interaction between geopolitical factors and the agriculture sector in the ever-changing context of global trade and politics.

arab worlds unesco world heritage nominations 2023

Arab World’s UNESCO World Heritage Nominations 2023

The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO met in Saudi Arabia in September 2023 for a protracted session to consider adding several sites to the esteemed

taiwan reports 40 chinese military aircraft in its air defense zone

Taiwan Reports 40 Chinese Military Aircraft in Its Air Defense Zone

In a concerning development, Taiwan’s defense ministry reported that within the past 24 hours, 40 Chinese Air Force aircraft entered the island’s air defense zone.

did ethiopia recruit someone in the us to serve as a spy

Did Ethiopia Recruit Someone In The US To Serve As A Spy?

Abraham T Lemma of Silver Spring, Maryland, was reportedly taken into custody last month over allegedly spying for Ethiopia – a country that is a

an israeli saudi normalization deal can mean a war with iran

An Israeli-Saudi ‘normalization’ deal can mean a war with Iran

The United States has been persuading the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to normalize ties with Israel. However, the Israeli-Saudi normalization deal can mean a war

how will britain israel palestine combat against terrorism collaboratively

How Will Britain, Israel, Palestine Combat Against Terrorism Collaboratively?

Britain’s Foreign Minister, James Cleverly, is visiting Israel and Palestine to talk about a couple of important things.  First, he’s emphasizing the idea of a

us disrupts illicit multi million dollar oil shipment by irans irgc

US disrupts illicit multi-million-dollar oil shipment by Iran’s IRGC

The United States announced on Friday the disruption of an illicit multi-million-dollar shipment of crude oil by IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) of the Islamic

morocco earthquake rescue efforts underway

Morocco Earthquake: Rescue Efforts Underway

The historic city of Marrakech as well as villages in the Atlas Mountains were all damaged by a rare, strong earthquake that struck Morocco late