The Golden Arch Is All Set To Return Back To Ukraine

Ukraine–Mc Donald’s that had closed shop in Russia is all for supporting a sense of normalcy back into Ukraine. The fast-food brand will be opening

Girls Risk Life

Girls Risk Life To Receive Education From Secret Schools In Afghanistan

Afghanistan–An old saying goes- ‘educate one girl child than concentrating on educating the whole village.’ After Taliban took over the Afghanistan regime, as the US


Let Your Feet Breathe In Ecofriendly Flipflops

Sustainability has so many facets to it and the fashion industry is making all possible moves to ensure the environment does not suffer in the

UK innovation centre

Vertical Farming To Become The Next Best Thing For UK and Europe

United Kingdom–Britain is doing everything possible to become self-reliant on its food as energy prices hit the roof and food is becoming expensive. Moving out


Why Is China Stalling American Attempt To Sanction A Terrorist?

China– China is blocking America’s efforts to sanction a terrorist. The Pakistan based JeM leader was known to have been instrumental in the 1999 hijack


How Volatile Is Crude Pricing Right Now?

Russia–Crude prices are again volatile as a possible nuclear deal with Iran in on the anvil. Oil prices have said to have fallen due to

Qantas executives

Qantas Requests Staff To Volunteer In Baggage Movement

Australia–As the pandemic lockdowns have eased and air travel resumed, airlines continue to struggle with low staff and high traffic volume management issues. Keeping in


Elon Musk To Unveil Robotaxi Service By 2024

Imagine the Tom Cruise starer sci-fi come to life where you have a car with no steering wheel and no pedals. The Elon Musk lead


Gustavo Petro Is The New Columbian President

Colombia–Colombia has created history as it elects its first ever ex-guerrilla leader formally as President. The leftist Gustavo Petro has recently been inaugurated in Bogota


Twitter Admits But Prevents Data Breach Of Its 5.4 Million Users

Not everything is all good with social media giants like Twitter, which admitted to a deadly data breach that happened to its client data last