Ithra lights up in green to celebrate Saudi team’s win

Saudi arabia

Ithra was illuminated in a green pattern in honour of Saudi Arabia’s historic victory over Argentina in their opening game of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The Ithra building projection was created in the Saudi flag colours of our Green Falcons to commemorate and honour the historic triumph of the Saudi Arabian team at the FIFA World Cup, according to Yousef Al-Mutairi, head of communications and marketing at Ithra.

“Ithra continues to be a community that celebrates great moments together and a source of inspiration and innovation.”

“We’re honoured to be a location where individuals from all spheres of life converge in order to be inspired by our activities and offerings. In order to involve the community in celebrating this outstanding accomplishment, we introduced a number of offerings at Ithra today. As a result, we welcomed more than 10,000 visitors,” Al-Mutairi continued.

By royal order, Wednesday was a designated holiday, therefore the centre provided free entrance to all events for all visitors to celebrate the victory.

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Tickets normally cost SR20 ($5), with pricing ranging depending on the event and activity, therefore no reservations or tickets were necessary.

Ithra is also celebrating in the metaverse by launching their “From Strike to Stroke” display of non-fungible tokens.

Football is an art, thus Ithra is curating a special collection of NFTs in honour of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. This was stated in a statement announcing the launch in Qatar.

Every game will be transformed into a distinct NFT in partnership with 32 artists from each of the contending nations and an AI-powered algorithm. The contributing artists created eye-catching artwork depicting their nation using the colours of their respective teams’ jerseys.

“Following each game and guided by the action taking place on the pitch, the AI-powered algorithm will compile the artists’ creations with match statistics to generate unique pieces that represent each game. As the World Cup progresses, keep checking back as we reveal our collection.”

Offers are welcome for “Open Sea Argentina 1-2 Saudi Arabia” by Ezekiel Germán and Amr Bogari NFT.



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