Saudi Arabia Brings Reforms in Traffic Rules; All you need to know…

saudi arabia brings reforms in traffic rules; all you need to know…

Saudi Arabia’s General Directorate of Traffic initiated the implementation of a royal decree mandating a 50 percent reduction in accumulated traffic fines. 

This came after the directives of KSA Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed Bin Salman, aiming to ease the financial burdens of citizens, expatriates, visitors, visitors, and GCC nationals. The order stated that the penalty would be reduced for all violations up to 18th April. And it was done also. 

The reduction covered all violations committed before 18th April requiring that all accumulated traffic fines be settled within 6 months starting 18th April and ending 18th October 2024. 

The new rule has allowed violators to pay amounts in lump sum or separately for each violation.

Citizens need to follow the following steps to take advantage of the 50 percent slash in traffic fines;

Checking for traffic violations:

Starting to review traffic violations to determine the fines to be settled. Accessing violation records through the official channels provided by the General Directorate of Traffic. 

Ensuring Eligibility:

After total confirmation that your violations have occurred before 18th April 2024, you are eligible for the 50 percent off. These are applicable for usual violations but not for incidents such as reckless driving, drinking and driving under the influence of alcohol, and excessive speeding. 

Settling the Fines:

After seeing that you are eligible for paying the fines under the 50 percent rebate, you need to arrange the money and pay off your dues. It can be in lump sum or separately for each violation. 

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Payment Methods:

Payments can be done utilising the SADAD payment system, or the National Violations Platform (Efaa) to process the fines payments. The payment should only be done with the official payment platforms given by the authorities. 

Following Legal Regulations:

Adhering to legal procedures outlined for the violations after the mentioned period that may8 lead to a standard reduction of 25% in fines under the provisions of Article 75 of the Traffic Law of KSA.

If not paid within the time limit, the authorities can enforce law and put you behind bars as the law suggests.



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