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WHO warns the Middle East regarding a deadly second wave of coronavirus

On Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO) official stated that the Middle East should get ready for a deadly second wave of coronavirus pandemic in


Expert says Turkey and Iran are huge failures in the new Middle East order

The ongoing normalization of relations among Israel, Bahrain, and the UAE could well set up the ground for resolving the Palestinian-Israeli clash. Though, according to

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Historic Abraham Accord signed at White House between UAE, Bahrain and Israel: Beginning of a new era for Middle East region

The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Israel have entered history officially by signing the Abraham Accord at White House on September 15, 2020. This agreement


Arab League discusses Palestine cause, refuses to condemn UAE-Israel deal

Arab foreign ministers held a meeting on Wednesday via video conference to discuss their perspectives on a number of global issues varying from the Israel-UAE


Antisemitism, Qatar and Muslim Brotherhood dangerously spreading hate messages about the UAE- Israel deal

Qatari regime is spreading hate speeches on its financed media channels and social networks against the United Arab Emirates and Israel peace deal. The Gulf


Qatar runs massive media campaign along with hate speech PR to alter popular opinion against UAE-Israel peace deal

Qatar has been running a massive media and hate speech campaign against the UAE-Israel peace deal which got signed last month. The tiny oil-rich Gulf


Qatari Plans Of Second Arab Spring Crushed

In a strange tactic of creating a wave of unrest and public upheaval in tune with the previous ‘Arab Spring’ saga, Qatar is being implicated

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Elliott Broidy’s lawsuit alleges that Qatar has hired ex-CIA, and US military officials to hack his emails

Elliott Broidy, a businessman and Republican fundraiser, has `filed a case against Qatar accusing the nation of utilized former-CIA, and the US military authorities….

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OPEC+ contemplates continuing output curbs amid slackening demand

OPEC + countries, who are expected to hold a virtual meeting on June 4 , are considering continuing the crude oil output curbs imposed in April….

President of the Republic of turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
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Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece and the UAE against Turkish aggression in Libya and Eastern Mediterranean

Building upon prior consultations and regular coordination between Egypt, Cyprus and Greece along with France within the framework of the “3 + 1” formula, the Foreign Ministers of these Countries..