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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s economy a bright spot amid global crises

The performance of the Saudi economy, according to IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva, is a bright spot amid the world’s challenges. She stated that “we

Middle East

Iran protests: Supreme leader blames the unrest on the US and Israel

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei, has blamed the United States and Israel for the anti-government protests sweeping

Middle East countries

Why Are Middle Eastern Economies Moving Towards Localisation?

Like the US and India, Middle Eastern nations are also looking at getting into localizing their own products. The made at home policy is gradually


Has Jordan Got Reasons To Be Happy?

Jordan is majorly into business focus as Gulf officials and business executives have made up their minds to make investments in the cash strapped country.


Imran Khan Smiles Over His Arrogance As Court Drops Charges After Formal Apology

Imran Khan might have realised he can’t get ahead of the judicial system after all. After the ex-Pakistani PM apologized, charges have been dropped against


Truce Between Warring Factions Comes To Knots End In Yemen Over Iranian Interference

Yemen’s civil war has entered its eight year, but despite best efforts by the UN and Western countries, there has been no peace to be

Middle East

Refiners expect Saudi to raise oil prices for Asia in November

In reaction to signals of improving crude demand in one of its main markets and the fresh round of fuel export restrictions announced by Beijing,


At least 92 killed in Iran’s protests over the death of Mahsa Amini

At least 92 people have been killed in the Islamic Republic of Iran as the security forces have cracked down on women-led protests sparked by


US Mitigates Relations Between Lebanon And Israel

The US has an opinion on everything, something that has always troubled the rebellious nations like Iran. It has again gone out of its way


Has Ukraine Claimed Back What Belongs To It?

As Russia thinks it is doing a great thing by fighting Ukraine out of its guts and taking the whole western world by storm, it