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North Korea launches ‘more advanced’ missile after last week’s ‘hypersonic missile’ launch

North Korea–Nuclear-armed North Korea launched a ballistic missile on Tuesday. The ballistic missile can be more capable than the hypersonic missile. South Korea’s military officers


Taliban Dissolves Key Ministries And Election Commission In A Bizarre Governance Move

Afghanistan– Taliban has dissolved Afghanistan’s election commissions as well as the country’s state ministries for peace and parliamentarian affairs. This has been confirmed by news


Israel Iron Fisted Over Revival Of Nuclear Deal With Iran

Israel–Half term Israeli PM Naftali Bennett has taken another step into political diplomacy as he met with US National Security Advisor to Iran recently. In


NATO demand Russia to take a step back ahead of proceeding with any formal talks

Russia–Amid the growing interest of Russia towards Ukraine, international organizations have warned the nation that it should take its steps back as Ukraine is no


Helen Morgan Embarrasses Johnson With Her Win In Parliamentary Vote

In a sudden change of events, Boris Johnson has been given marching orders in the recent parliamentary voting cycle. Surprisingly, Liberal Democrats overthrew 23000 strong


Sudanese Politicians Get Released from Detention After They Began Hunger Strike

Sudan–On Saturday, Sudanese FM of Cabinet Affairs Khalid Omer Yousif was let out of confinement alongside other leaders after they began a hunger strike, the

Seif Al-Islam Qaddafi

Daylight Attack On Appeals Court Rocks Libya Before Seif Al-Islam Qaddafi Candidacy Reconsidered

Libya–The United Nations has condemned the attack on courts in Libya ahead of the national vote. Recently, armed men surrounded the court in the southern

Middle East

WFP: Hunger threatens millions of families in Yemen

Yemen–The humanitarian situation in Yemen is precipitating. The alarm comes from the World Food Program (WFP), which has detected the presence of as many as


Another spy story: The butler of the Israeli defense minister “was a spy for Iran”

It seems a John Le Carrè spy story, but it’s all true. A servant from Benny Gantz reportedly communicated with the Iranian-linked Black Shadow hacker


Saudi Arabia remains adamant on its stand against Lebanon despite the talks

Saudi arabia–Despite international interference and regional goals, Saudi Arabia has continued to show a strong stance against Lebanon after a diplomatic rift between the two