5 Deadly Threats of Global Pollution In 21st Century


Global pollution is a silent killer for the whole human civilization as well as Earth’s environment. The Lancet Planetary Health report states that pollution continues to be one of ‘the largest risk factors’ for disease & premature death.

List of 5 Deadly Threats of Worldwide Pollution

  1. Deadly Presence of Global Pollution
    In 2015, pollution was responsible for approximately 9 million premature deaths, making it the world’s largest environmental risk factor for disease and premature death. That’s about 1 in 6 deaths worldwide.
  2. Pollution: A Killer Machine
    Global pollution deaths in 2019 by type of pollution:
    ●Total air pollution: 6.67 million
    ●Total water pollution: 1.36 million
    ●Total occupational pollution: 0.87 million
    ●Lead pollution: 0.90 million
  3. Record of Pollution Deaths
    Here is the data of global pollution deaths in 2019 by gender.

a) Total Air Pollution Deaths: 6.67 Million
●Death of Males cause of Air Pollution: 3.75 Million
●Death of Females cause of Air Pollution: 2.92 Million

b) Total Water Pollution Deaths: 1.36 Million
●Death of Males cause of Water Pollution: 0.63 Million
●Death of Females cause of Water Pollution: 0.73 Million

c) Total Occupational Pollution Deaths: 0.87 Million
●Death of Males cause of Occupational Pollution: 0.65 Million
●Death of Females cause of Occupational Pollution: 0.22 Million

d) Total Lead Pollution Deaths: 0.90 Million
●Death of Males cause of Lead Pollution: 0.56 Million
●Death of Females cause of Lead Pollution: 0.35 Million

  1. Weapon of Mass Destruction
    Did you know that the impact of pollution on health remains much greater than that of war, terrorism, HIV, and drugs, and the number of deaths caused by pollution are on par with those caused by smoking?
  2. Heavy Price Raise
    losses due to modern forms of pollution have increased as a proportion of GDP between 2000 and 2019 in many countries. Modern pollution includes deaths from environmental chemical pollution, ambient ozone pollution, ambient particulate matter pollution, lead exposure, occupational carcinogens, occupational particulate matter, gasses, and fumes.

What Are The Causes Of Global Pollution Deaths?
The Lancet Planetary Health report points out that deaths caused by the modern forms of pollution have been driven by industrialisation, uncontrolled urbanization, population growth, fossil fuel combustion, & an absence of adequate national or international chemical policy. More than 90% of pollution-related deaths occur in low-income and middle-income countries.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Global Pollution?
The Lancet Planetary Health report stated, “We are going backwards.” We must not continue to ignore global pollution. Otherwise we will have to leave our planet Earth one day. The key areas in which focus is needed include air pollution, lead poisoning, and chemical pollution.



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