5 Strict Rules To Follow When Visiting Mecca In Saudi Arabia

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Saudi arabia Saudi arabia-Mecca in Saudi Arabia is considered the spiritual centre of Islam. Muslims across the world visit Mecca as a demonstration of their solidarity and submission to God. It is a dream of every Muslim to visit Mecca at least once in their life. However, there are some strict rules which you need to follow when visiting Mecca for the first time.

5 strict rules to follow when visiting Mecca

Here are the 5 strict rules to follow when visiting Mecca –

Don’t bring non-Islamic items

You are not allowed to carry non-Islamic items in public places in Saudi Arabia. Bringing non-Islamic items like Bible can lead you into trouble. Non- Muslim people can practice their faith privately.

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No public display of affection

Hugging, kissing, and holding hands are not allowed in Mecca. Public display of affection is considered taboo in Mecca. If you break this rule, you’ll be charged a fine of 3,000 Riyals.

The government released a new public decency code that discourages public display of affection. Saudi police have the sole responsibility for monitoring offences and imposing fines.

Homosexuals or Transgenders are not allowed

Mecca is a place where Muslim law is strictly enforced. Homosexuals or transgenders are not allowed to visit Mecca. Same-sex sexual activity is prohibited under Sharia law. Saudi Arabia follows every law of Islam.

Pork is banned

Islam probits consumption of pork. Mecca is the birthplace of the Islamic religion, so you cannot do anything to hurt the religious sentiments of people. You cannot eat pork anywhere in Saudi Arabia.

Dress code

You need to wear modest clothes in Mecca. You cannot wear revealing clothes. Everyone should cover their knees and shoulders when in public. You cannot wear tight-fitted clothes in Mecca.

These are 5 strict rules to follow when visiting Mecca. Let us know your remarks in the comment section below.



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