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UAE stands with Somali people, while Turkey and Qatar turn their backs

“The needed Covid 19 supply from UAE is a timely brotherly support for all Somalis in general and our frontline heroes of the medical staff

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Famous people and popular personalities used to embellish Qatar’s image in Africa.

Qatar is trying to maneuver between its relations with elements involved in terrorist acts and others that have a good international reputation in Africa, which

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Greece fears Turkey could be pushing corona infected illegal immigrants across the border

Turkey is apparently employing psychological warfare to corner Greece and pressurize the European Union to finalize a New Deal. The Greek government has put its

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Crimes of militias in the ‘liberation’ of western Libya

The fratricide among the Libyans continues. While the international press is busy with the last developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, the official version of Prime

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How American States Will Maintain Mental Health Of Residents During Lockdown

Governor Doug Ducey isn’t letting the spirits of people in his county die down under lockdown conditions. In Arizona, shelters-in-place are enjoying golfing. Doctors have

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Political assassinations strike again in Tunisia

The Tunisian Interior Ministry has informed 5 political figures, including 4 deputies of the existence of serious terrorist threats targeting them. The security authorities suggested

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A special sentence for a man not respecting the COVID-19 curfew in Iran

An Iranian court condemned a young man for violating measures to combat the novel coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, by introducing a hookah into his coffee, to

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Libya: a new wave of Syrian mercenaries sent by Turkey

Turkey continues to send Syrian mercenaries to Libya to fight alongside the Al-Wefaq government forces against the Libyan army, which has been seeking for more

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Turkey sent another 300 foreign fighters to Libya

In recent days, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sent another 300 Syrian fighters to Libya, in support of the militias affiliated to the Tripoli-based

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Why Is Libya Closing Its Ports To Migrant Population?

Libyan coastguards can no more save migrant boats at sea. A recent incident where the guards wished to send back more than 200 migrants back