Best Metaverse Games To Play In 2022 With Web3 Technology

Best Metaverse Games

There are a tonne of captivating games and great platforms now being developed, but there are also a tonne of amazing projects that can be used immediately.

You are in the perfect location to discover the top metaverse games to play in 2022. Read on for our ranking of the top 12 metaverse games as well as other outstanding projects you should check out right away.

List of 5 Best Metaverse Games To Play In 2022

1. Metacade

As the metaverse becomes more widely used, Metacade—while not exactly a game—holds enough promise to have a significant impact on the gaming industry’s future.

The platform aims to develop into an exclusive Web3 community hub, bringing the top metaverse trends and games under one roof.

It’s essentially a fantastic online arcade where you can hang out with friends, participate in friendly competitions, and even discover brand-new career opportunities in Web3 gaming.

As we’ve already mentioned, Metacade isn’t a game in and of itself, but it does provide access to many different Web 3 gaming options in one location.

Because the platform has something to offer everyone, it is at the top of our list of the best metaverse games to play in 2022.

2. The Sandbox

There’s a solid reason why The Sandbox is one of the most significant metaverse gaming initiatives right now.

Also offers you the chance to create your own game experiences in order to make money, and it has a tonne of original gaming experiences for you to enjoy.

The Sandbox’s layout is somewhat reminiscent of the Minecraft version from Web3. Gamers can explore a vast array of user- and fan-submitted content, create their own avatars, and enter the universe.

There is never a lack of things to do once you log into The Sandbox. Additionally, new content is consistently released, so you should be able to keep playing this game for many years to come.

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3. Axie Infinity

The first play-to-earn (P2E) game was Axie Infinity, which is currently regarded as one of the top Web3 games worldwide.

You can buy NFTs of creatures using Axie, train them, and compete with other players to win cryptocurrency.

Additionally, you can travel the globe, look for riches, and begin establishing yourself as the top Axie Infinity player.

People who like Pokemon will enjoy this game because it has a similar gameplay mechanic that involves training creatures and engaging in battle with them.

4. Decentraland

The metaverse game Decentraland is comparable to The Sandbox. Once you’ve created a player-controlled character, you can log in and start exploring all the available game options.

You might go to a casino anywhere in the world and play blackjack or roulette with actual cryptocurrency, for instance. Alternately, participate in a user-created game that immerses you in the action.

Additionally, Decentraland offers a distinctive skin market where users may design, upload, and sell different apparel items for cryptocurrency.

On this market, you may either purchase distinctive items to make your character stand out or work as a creator to get some money.

5. Crabada

The most popular game in the Avalanche environment is called Crabada. You control a group of crabs in it, and they work together to gain you virtual rewards that you may later exchange for real money.

Through a similar battle system to what Axie Infinity pioneered, you can also engage in combat with your crab NFTs against other players.

The game is currently being developed by the crew, and it frequently receives new updates. This might be the entertaining game you’re looking for on the Avalanche ecosystem that can also generate passive revenue for you.



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