EXCLUSIVE: Libyan islamist militias supported by Turkey and Qatar threaten southern Tunisia

The Council of Libya’s revolutionaries’ leaders, composed mainly of the commanders of the Islamist militias close to the Muslim Brotherhood, and supported by Turkey and Qatar, released a statement expressing anger at the accusations made by the Tunisian authorities of potential threats to the security and stability of Tunisia from al-Watiya airbase.

The biggest airbase in North Africa contains dozens of Syrian mercenaries moved by Ankara since 2019 and is currently the main Turkish base in Libya. The Islamist militias, including dangerous international fugitives such as Salah Badi and other terrorists responsible for the destruction of the Tripoli international airport, claim that Kaïs Saïed spoke of plots coming from the base of Al Watiya, in western Libya, and of connivance with Daesh (ISIS).

Extremist groups, out of state control and not recognized by the Joint Military Committee (JMC 5 + 5), have denied all these allegations, claiming that the conspiracy projects are lies developed by the Tunisian president, adding that this conspiracy theory has become the laughing stock of all. The militia leaders have ensured that they respect the depth of the ties that unite the two neighboring and brother peoples, accusing the Tunisian president of belonging to the “axis of evil” formed by Egypt and the Gulf countries, which do not want the stability of Libya.

The Turkish-backed -extremist groups have warned that President Kaïs Saied’s statements concern the present and future relations between Libya and Tunisia. They threatened the cities of southern Tunisia, which they say will suffer the repercussions of this affair by not being able to sell their products on the market of Libya. The armed groups ended their speech in a threatening tone, ensuring they were ready to fight. The statement comes after controversial mufti Al-Ghariani, Khaled al Meshri, and other Islamist leaders tried to stop the Libyan ministerial delegation from leaving for Tunis on Thursday.



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