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Clashes in Beirut: Amal and Hezbollah challenge the judge of the port explosion investigation

Lebanon–At least six people have been killed and thirty injured by gunshots that went off during a protest in Beirut by supporters of the Shiite

Middle East

Syria: Israeli airstrike kills a soldier and wounded over four

Syria–An Israeli airstrike killed a Syrian soldier and wounded others in the Palmyra area of Syria. According to state TV reports, the attack targeted a


Energy Flow To Lebanon Needs Infrastructure Overhaul In Syria

Lebanon–Lebanon is reeling under threat of prolonged darkness as its power grids have run out of fuel and the country has no money to pay

Middle East

Iran announced two-day air defence drill in central desert area

Iran– Displaying massive game of power, Iran announced yesterday that they have kicked off a two-day air defense drill in central desert area. The report


Libya: Forum of Young Students to Build Peace and Strengthen Stability concluded in Tripoli

Libya–The Forum of Young Students to Build Peace and Strengthen Stability was held on Tuesday in Tripoli, facilitated and in the presence of the Vice


World’s First Automated Train unveiled in Germany by Deutsche Bahn

Germany– German rail operator Deutsche Bahn launched world’s first automated driverless train in the city of Hamburg, Germany. It s reported that this state-of-the-art-technology will

Al-Zaytouna TV

As Tunisia shut down Al-Zaytouna TV, Al-Jazeera employs journalists and commentors of terror

Tunisia– Qatar-funded television channel Al-Jazeera hired workers from Zaytouna TV after Tunisian authorities shut it down. The two channels, both financed by the Muslim Brotherhood,


Libya: Dbeibah has already failed, forgetting the meaning of “national unity”

Libya– In Libya, the idea of holding the elections on time as scheduled for December 24, 2021, is increasingly receding. The Government of National Unity


Lebanon Struggles With Blackout Amidst Fund Crutch To Pay For Crude

Lebanon– Lebanon is completely blacked out; there is a power outage thanks to its inability to generate its own electricity and to pay up outstanding


Tunisia: Kais Saied’s priorities, clean up the judiciary and form a new government

During a meeting with the head of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, Youssef Bouzakher, at the palace of Carthage, President of Tunisian Republic Kais