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Why Syria Might Not Win Over Second Corona Wave

Syria is facing a situation like India where there is a dearth of oxygen supply as the numbers of Covid-19 cases are on the rise.

Middle East

Al-Qaeda returns to threaten the United States, “the war is not ended, get out of the whole Islamic world”

Two days after the 10th anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death, al Qaeda intervenes in Afghanistan in a rare interview by one of its leaders


Turkey, Erdogan now bans alcohol during the pandemic. But the mosques remain open

In Turkey, the Muslim Brotherhood uses the coronavirus to further Islamize the country. While the mosques, the place par excellence for the spread of the


Israel, a pilgrimage to Mount Meron turns into a tragedy

In Israel, the great celebrations for the Lag B’Omer feast, at Mount Meron, have turned into tragedy. 44 people died crushed by the crowd and


Lives of Afghani women in danger after American troops withdrawn from Afghanistan

Afghanistan has always been under tough US scrutiny and when the Biden government decided to withdraw American troops, experts are assuming that it would result

Middle East

A jihadist attack in Burkina Faso kills three foreign journalists

Yet another terrorist attack in Burkina Faso, there are deaths and injuries. Three journalists, two Spaniards, and an Irishman, and a fourth person were killed


Tunisia announces new restrictions as Covid-19 contagions increase, but it risks economic collapse

The coronavirus does not spare North Africa and continues to bring the economies of already fragile countries such as Tunisia to their knees. To cope


How is the jihadist threat evolving in the Arab world?

Yesterday we wrote about how the jihadist threat of the self-styled Islamic State has not yet been completely defeated in Syria and Iraq. But how


Haftar’s Libyan army prevents the Prime Minister’s visit to Benghazi, the end of an illusion?

The Prime Minister of the National Unity Government of Libya, Abdul Hamid Al-Dabeibah, commented that the third meeting of the Council of Ministers was not


Houthis Play With Lives As They Deny Vaccination Drives In Yemen

In another act of violence against humanity, it has been discovered that the Iran backed Houthi rebels are depriving medical workers of Covid-19 vaccines. The