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Libya, the return of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi?

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of the colonel Muammar killed in 2011,unexpectedly return on the scene with an extended interview with the New York Times


US probes allegations of Qatari financing of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps

The US Department of States has reportedly launched an investigation into allegations of the Israeli government that Qatar’s royal family has provided fundings to Iran’s

Middle East

Afghanistan, first flight to Washington with US interpreters and collaborators

“I want to thank these brave Afghans for being on the side of the United States,” Joe Biden said in the statement released by the


UK Ignores India In Its Covid Vaccine Donations In Common Wealth Countries

India has been dropped from the list of beneficiaries which are going to get vaccine support from the United Kingdom. No such donations seem to


EXCLUSIVE : Why is it wrong to consider Ennahdha as a moderate movement?

In Tunisia, the Muslim Brotherhood party, Ennahdha, founded by Rachid Ghannouchi in 1981, is experiencing its worst days. After the President of the Republic Kais

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Syria, bombings and clashes in Daraa cause at least 23 deaths

At least eight civilians, seven militiamen, and eight soldiers were killed in the bombings and clashes in the province of Daraa, in Syria, the scene


Morocco and Israel never so close after inauguration of direct flights

On July 25, the first commercial aircraft landed at Marrakech airport to fly direct between Israel and Morocco. After seven months of diplomatic normalization, a


EXCLUSIVE: Ghannouchi threatens Italy with migrants from Tunisia, but he’s just bluffing

Rachid Ghannouchi, the Tunisian arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and head of Parliament, gave a lengthy interview to Corriere Della Sera. Ghannouchi plays the victim.


US sanctions Syrian prisons, Assad regime officials over human rights abuses

The United States on Wednesday imposed sanctions on eight prisons in Syria, officials who run them, and armed groups and leaders over human rights abuses.


Gantz tells Parly, ‘Israeli govt is taking the NSO spyware allegations seriously’

Last week, a French paper revealed that a Moroccan security agency had perhaps targeted the cellphones of French President Emmanuel Macron and various members of