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Middle East

Turkey urges Greece not to extend its territorial waters to 12 miles in the Aegean sea

Turkey– Turkey urged Greece not to increase its territorial waters from six to twelve nautical miles in the Aegean sea, an elongated embayment of the


Israel strikes Syrian port of Latakia, massive damage at the area

Syria– Several videos posted on social media showed that Israel warplanes attacked a coastal city of Latakia firing missiles. On Tuesday, the report broke out


Turkey and Qatar enters into deal with Taliban on running airport of Kabul

Afghanistan– Turkey and Qatar have entered into an agreement with the Taliban on running the international airport of Kabul. Four other airports of Afghanistan will


Afghanistan: Taliban Announces Draft National Budget Without Foreign Aid As Recession Intensifies

Afghanistan– Afghanistan’s finance ministry under the Taliban government announced that it has written a draft national budget without foreign aid. Finance ministry spokesman Ahmad Wali


Britain reports world’s first known death from Omicron variant of Covid-19

United Kingdom– Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed the UK’s first known death from the Omicron variant of coronavirus on Monday. He further said that


US thwarts smuggling attempt of Iranian arms in the Arabian Sea bound for Yemen’s Houthis

United States–The US (United States) seized two large caches of Iranian arms, including 171 surface-to-air missiles and eight anti-tank missiles in the Arabian Sea. The


Macron launches a French-Saudi initiative to resolve dispute with Lebanon

Lebanon–Following comments made by former Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi, Saudi Arabia expelled Lebanon’s ambassador, recalled its ambassador to Beirut, and blocked Lebanese imports. Consequently,


IMF appoints chief economist Gita Gopinath as first deputy MD

India–The IMF (International Monetary Fund) appointed its outgoing chief economist Gita Gopinath as its first Deputy Managing Director (FDMD) on Thursday. The economist, who hails


Women at work revolution in Saudi Arabia by Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi arabia– Thousands of women go to work every day across Saudi Arabia – a phenomenon unimaginable only five years ago but have become common.


UAE General Naser Ahmed al Raisi new Interpol president despite the $ 4 million defamatory campaign

UAE– United Arab Emirates General Naser Ahmed al Raisi has been elected president of Interpol during the general assembly in Istanbul. Major General Ahmed Nasser