How Qatar World Cup is just another case of racism against Israel and Jews


When the Abraham Accords were struck between Israel and other Arab countries, brokered by the then US President Donald Trump in 2020, the hope was that it would be a big step towards normalization of relations between Israel and other regional nations. Though in context of politics and diplomacy, much has been achieved, the truth is much different at the ground level. The latest example of this is the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Reports have emerged that Arab soccer fans are widely shunning the journalists from Israel who are trying to interview them. The stark reality highlights that there are still challenges when it comes to wider acceptance of Jews and Israeli masses among the Arab masses.

As reported by Reuters, all attempts by the reporters from public broadcaster Kan and top-rated Channel 12 TV to interview Arab fans failed with most of them being ignored. Footage circulating online shows two Saudi World Cup fans, a Qatari shopper and three Lebanese fans walking away from Israeli reporters, reports Reuters. Such is the extent of racism against Israeli journalists during ongoing world cup that some Palestinian supporters chanted “go home” holding an impromptu protest near them.

It is to be noted that Qatar still does not officially recognize Israel. The authorities in Qatar have stressed on Palestinian statehood as the condition for official recognition of Israel. It has, however, allowed directed flights for the World Cup from Tel Aviv along with an Israeli delegation.

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The unacceptance and racism against the Jews and Israeli are widespread among people. Aseel Sharayah, a 27 year old Jordanian attending the World Cup, said he would have “also refused to talk to Israeli journalists, though Amman signed a peace deal with Israel in 1994”.

Saudi nationwide Khaled al-Omri, who works within the oil trade and was in Qatar told Reuters that he hoped the flight between Tel Aviv and Doha wouldn’t turn out to be a permanent affair. “Positive, most nations within the Arab world are heading in direction of normalisation – however that is as a result of most of them haven’t got rulers who hearken to their individuals,” he stated.

It is quite evident that there is a widespread lack of acceptance towards Israeli masses in the Arab region, despite of various normalization agreements between Israel and several other regional nations over the years.



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