International restorative justice conference held in Jordan


An international conference is taking place in Jordan with participation from more than 200 public prosecutors and justice professionals from Arab countries and Europe.

The event is the first of its type in Jordan and is put on by the Jordanian Judicial Council in association with the Naif Arab University for Security Sciences.

“Restorative Justice in Modern Criminal Policy” is the name of the conference, which is taking place at the Dead Sea’s King Hussein Convention Center.

The three-day conference brings together public prosecutors from Jordan and other Arab nations, specialists in restorative justice, and representatives of organisations from across the world with the goal of easing the transition to modern criminal justice.

It will include talks on the numerous difficulties in implementing restorative justice and serve as a forum for knowledge and skill sharing.

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Communication between individuals impacted by crime or conflict and those at fault occurs through the process of restorative justice.

Mohammad Ghazou, the president of the Judicial Council, gave a speech at the event’s opening on behalf of Jordan’s King Abdullah II and expressed the hope that the conference’s research papers will “help establish future criminal policies in our countries.”

The Public Prosecution Office picked restorative justice as its main issue in order to keep up with contemporary criminal laws, according to Chief Attorney General Yousef Thiabat.

The meeting, according to NAUSS President Abdelmajeed Al-Banyan, was the result of a deal struck with Jordan’s public prosecutors to share knowledge on the “vital subject of restorative justice.”



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