Kuwait School Holidays 2024: A Look Back and Planning Ahead

kuwait school holidays 2024 a look back and planning ahead

The academic year 2023–2024 in Kuwait has closed. It’s a good time for parents and children preparing for the summer vacation to consider the holidays from past school years and get an idea of what to expect in the next academic year (2024–2025). Parents and students who want to properly arrange their activities, vacations, and academic calendars must first understand the school holiday calendar.

Key Holidays for the 2023–2024 School Year

Most Kuwaiti schools provide a brief holiday called mid-term break (October), usually lasting few days around the second week of October. Midway through the first term, this break gives instructors and students much-needed respite. Students should use this time to catch up on sleep, participate in extracurricular activities, and get ready for the forthcoming coursework.

Schools closed late February for a long weekend to honor Kuwait’s National Day and Liberation Day. These holidays are important because they mark Kuwait’s freedom from British control on February 25, 1961, and its release from Iraqi control on February 26, 1991. Students engage in national celebrations, cultural events, and community activities during this period to help to build togetherness and pride for their country.

Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr: March–April Usually lasting around a month, the holy month of Ramadan and the following Eid al-Fitr celebrations caused schools to take a longer break. For Muslims, Ramadan is a time for prayer, fasting, and introspection; the longer break lets students and their families follow religious customs free from scholastic obligations. Eid al-Fitr ends Ramadan with joyful celebrations, family get-togethers, and group prayers.

Spring Break (April): A few universities provided a further brief break around Eid al-Fitr. Before the last term, this break lets students relax and get ready for the last months of the academic year. Families also use this time to travel, have leisure activities, and savor the nice spring weather before the summer heat arrives.

Usually falling early to mid-June, the official end of the school year signals the start of the extended summer break. Before the new academic year starts, this time is sometimes used for vacations, summer camps, and other events. Students also get time at the end of term to consider their academic successes, take part in graduation ceremonies, and say goodbye to their professors and peers.

School Holiday Planning: 2024–2025

Although the official school calendar for 2024–2025 is not yet generally accessible, preceding years allow us to make some reasonable estimates. We should expect this:

Term Breaks: As with last year, expect brief breaks around October and probably another in February or March. These pauses are meant to give pupils regular respite so they stay interested and energised all year long. Term vacations also help professors to organize and get ready for the forthcoming courses, so guaranteeing a high degree of quality of instruction.

Religious Holidays: Because the Islamic calendar is lunar-based, the precise dates of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr will vary somewhat every year. Still, they usually line up with the same season. Families should expect long breaks in the spring for religious events and observance. Another important Islamic holiday, Eid al-Adha, can also cause a school break so that children might take part in the celebrations and family get-togethers.

Usually matching the conventional academic schedule and affording a significant summer break, the school year ends in early to mid-June. Final tests, evaluations, and school activities including sports days and award ceremonies could all fall under the end-of-term time, therefore completing the academic year holistically.

Locating the Public School Calendar

Usually released by the Ministry of Education in late summer, Kuwait’s official school calendar for public institutions is Parents may obtain the material on the Ministry’s website or via local media outlets. Parents should be updated about these announcements so they may make necessary plans for the next academic year. Reliable sources for the most current updates on school holidays, term dates, and other vital information are the Ministry’s website and social media channels.

Though they usually adopt a similar framework to public schools, private institutions often create their own academic calendars. For the most current information on school vacations, parents can personally ask their child’s school. To fit their particular curricula, international student enrollment, and specific learning objectives, private schools may have minor differences in their holiday calendars.

Keep on Reading

Getting Ready for a New Academic Year

Planning a balanced year of education and family time depends on families keeping informed about school holidays as they consider the 2023–2024 academic year and await 2024–2025. Parents can guarantee a seamless change between school breaks and academic seasons by following official announcements and working with institutions. This readiness guarantees a comprehensive growth for the youngsters by helping to schedule family holidays, extracurricular activities, and academic assistance programs.

Extracurricular Activities and Programs for enrichment

School holidays present chances for pupils to participate in extracurricular activities and enrichment programs in addition to a time for rest and leisure. Over the holidays, many Kuwaiti schools and community centers provide summer camps, sports leagues, artistic workshops, and academic enrichment courses. These events support kids’ whole development by helping them discover their interests, pick new hobbies, and form friendships.

The Value of an All-around Strategy

Striking a balance between academic obligations and leisure activities is crucial in designing for school holidays. While too much leisure time without constructive activities might cause a lack of drive and attention, overloading pupils with constant academic work can cause burnout. Encouragement of a balanced attitude by parents will help to guarantee that their children have enough time for rest, play, and education.


Reflecting on the holidays of the previous academic year and making prior plans for the next helps Kuwaiti families remain orderly and ready. Understanding the school vacation calendar helps parents to guarantee a seamless flow between academic terms and school breaks, therefore giving their children a well-rounded and rich learning environment. The forthcoming year promises fresh learning possibilities, development, and chances for students all throughout Kuwait to help to shape a bright future for the next generation.



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