Libya: a new wave of Syrian mercenaries sent by Turkey

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Turkey continues to send Syrian mercenaries to Libya to fight alongside the Al-Wefaq government forces against the Libyan army, which has been seeking for more than a year to liberate the capital Tripoli. said the Syrian Human Rights’ Observatory.

Ankara took advantage of the Corona virus crisis, and sent a new batch of Syrian fighters composed of 300 members of the “Sultan Murad” faction, “Northern Falcon Brigade” and “Legion of Al-Sham”, which arrived Friday to Libya, adding another group of 150 fighters from the “Sultan Murad” faction sent during the past few hours, from the city center of Afrin, The observatory said in a statement.

The process of continuing to send Syrian fighters to Libya comes in light of the large human losses in their ranks due to the battles with the Libyan army on separate axes of Libyan territory, where 17 fighters were killed during the past few days, to reach the death toll in the ranks Factions as a result of the military operations in Libya to 182 fighters. The Observatory pointed out.

The movement of two  flights between Istanbul Airport and the airports of the city of Misurata and Mutaika in the capital, Tripoli, are suspicious and  unregistered and unannounced flights that have been monitored by the Libyan army’s General Command, during the past weeks, despite the suspension of all flights in the framework of measures to prevent the spread of the “Corona” virus,.



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