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Israel IsraelToday, the Israeli Supreme Court presented a compromise to four of the 28 Palestinian families at risk of eviction from homes in Sheikh Jarrah. This East Jerusalem neighborhood became the subject of international attention when, in May, the legal dispute going on for decades was the spark that sparked the 11 days of conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza in May.

According to the three judges’ proposal, Palestinian families would be confirmed as “protected tenants” for three generations, in exchange for a two-year rent of 2,400 NIS (about 600 euros) to be paid to Nahalat Shimon. This Jewish organization claims ownership of the lots. The parties have until November 2 to decide whether to accept or reject the mediation proposal and in this second case, the Court will have to rule on the dispute in the last instance.

That is a compromise similar to others already presented over the years, with some minor differences. Palestinians are not required to formally recognize Jewish property, thus preserving their position vis-à-vis state authorities because of a planned land registration procedure. In an indefinite future, they will be able to carry out renovations and repairs; they will be considered protected tenants from the first generation, and in one case from the second, preserving the rights up to the third generation.

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