Malaysian PM accepts government’s inability to handle the flood situation


Malaysia MalaysiaMalaysia is witnessing one of the worst storms, floods in its territory and talking about the same, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob admitted that the government was not prepared for such a calamity and it is its weakness that they could handle the situation better.

On Tuesday, the leader warned civilians about the possibility of more such heavy storms in coming days. The warning was needed for hours as the floods have caused a lot of damage to people resulting in over a dozen deaths and also displaced 60,000 people. The country was least prepared for the disaster and could only manage to mobilize its army to handle the situation last week, by which the country had already experienced a lot of damage especially in eight states.

However, he also said, “The responsibility is not that of the federal government alone, but also the state governments, and the frontliners are the districts.” He also stressed that the government will keep on working towards bettering the situation of the government when dealing with such things.

The authorities have been constantly criticized by the lawmakers because of how they have been neglectful of the Situation and despite knowing the threat the floods posed, they did not react as per the response and their reaction was extremely slow. Many people were trapped by floodwaters for more than two days in Selangor.

The meteorological department predicted that the nation will be witnessing more floods in the upcoming days as the tropical depression is moving closer to four of the states of the northern part of the country.



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