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From Turkey to Pakistan, women humiliated by Islamists. No chair for Von der Leyen in Ankara, incitement to rape in Islamabad

Protocol machismo, humiliation of the female guest and at the same time of the institution that leads, the European Commission, as guardian of the Treaties,

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Ethnic clashes continue in Sudan’s West Darfur region of Sudan

At least 40 people have been killed in Sudan’s West Darfur region after three days of ethnic crashes that have prompted the authorities to declare

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Saudi Arabia charts a game plan for Umrah this year

Saudi authorities said, on Monday, only people immunized against Covid-19 are to be allowed in the Kingdom to perform the year-round Umrah pilgrimage starting from

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Plot in the court of Jordan, the king’s half-brother under accusation

A feud between half-brothers and between queen spouses. With alliances that cross the borders of the kingdom and that risk shaking what is already one

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“Iran will not hold any negotiations with the United States either directly or indirectly,” Foreign Minister said

The United States and Iran will return to Vienna on 6 April, where the nuclear agreement was signed in 2015: it is the first concrete

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Covid-19, Israel is a laboratory where the pandemic future is measured

Herd immunity will be difficult to achieve even with a large vaccination campaign, but Israel shows us how 55% of vaccinated people could be enough

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Other three polio volunteers killed in Afghanistan

Ferocity as a winning weapon: strategists and politicians can challenge this idea, but the cold-blooded murder of three women – a nurse and two volunteers

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After the Pope’s visit to Iraq, an inter-ministerial committee is working on his suggestions

An inter-ministerial committee has been commissioned by the Iraqi government to work on the implementation of suggestions and proposals that emerged during Pope Francis’ recent

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French Embassy to Libya reopens in Tripoli after seven years closure

On Monday 29 March 2021, the French embassy in Libya reopened in the capital Tripoli. In a comment to the state news agency, Ambassador Béatrice

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Israel celebrates Easter and a newfound normality thanks to the anti-Covid vaccination campaign

Overpassed the political stalemate of the last elections, Israel celebrated the return to life after a year of COVID-19 pandemic this weekend. The extended families