Middle East

Saudi Arabia, the Beijing-Riyadh axis is born

Beijing is trying to fend off a new wave of international sanctions on alleged human rights abuses in Xinjiang, with its foreign minister Wang Yi

Middle East

An act of sabotage sets off a fire at an oil station in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh confirms

Riyadh confirmed that a station for the distribution of petroleum products in the city of Jizan, in the southern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was subjected

Middle East

The 29-year-old daughter leads the execution of Maryam Karimi in an Iranian prison

Maryam Karimi’s daughter has conducted her execution at the Rasht Central Prison in Iran under a death penalty law. The woman had been sentenced to

Middle East

UN warns against hunger crises in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen

On Tuesday, the United Nations humanitarian office warned the International Community that millions of people in Yemen, South Sudan, and northern Nigeria are at risk

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Israel at the polls tomorrow,will Netanyahu be confirmed?

It was born as the government of national pacification, only on May 17, but it was short-lived: tomorrow the Israelis are called to the polls

Middle East

United States calls for an immediate investigation into fire at detention center in Sanaa

On Friday, The US State Department asked for a prompt investigation concerning the death of many migrants inside a migrant detention center run by Houthis

Middle East

Israeli settler attacks against Palestinians sees a spike

RAMALLAH: According to B’Tselem, Israeli human rights group, approximately 94 violent attacks have taken place against the civilians in Palestine between December 21, 2020, to

Middle East

Iran’s President cautions hardline opponents against deterring efforts to lift US sanctions

On Wednesday, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani blamed hardline opponents for deterring the efforts to remove the US sanctions on Iran. “It is an unbelievable betrayal

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Lebanese pound hits historic low, further shakes up its frail economy and political structure

On Tuesday, Lebanese pound slipped hitting its historic low at 15,000 pounds per dollar. The country’s crumbling economy enraged its people. Lebanese people had already

Middle East

Fatah, Hamas to hold talks on Palestinian elections in Cairo

With weeks left for general elections to take place in Palestine, Fatah and Hamas, the two rival factions in the country, have decided to hold