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Qatari boycott in retrospect: What GCC should consider before lifting the embargo

Qatar’s boycott with the neighbouring Arab nations has entered fourth year, and with no end in sight, hopes for a quick resolution to the Middle

Jailed Iranian professor Dr Sirous Asgari
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Jailed Iranian professor deported from the US, reaches Tehran

On Tuesday, Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif announced in an Instagram post that jailed Iranian professor Dr Sirous Asgari was on his way back home. Various Iranian news agencies confirmed his arrival with a photograph that showed him wearing a mask and greeting his family….

Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 Tawakkol Karman
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Facebook Oversight: Now British MP joins protest against appointment of Brotherhood sympathizer

The much talked about Facebook’s Oversight Board has run into controversy for appointing a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer……

United Nations international organization located in Geneva, Switzerland.
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US: WHO who? Washington break ties with WHO

On Friday during a press briefing at the White House, US President Donald Trump, declared that the country would disassociating itself from the World Health Organisation…..

mukjar southern sudan
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UN is urged not to withdraw their peacekeeping forces from Sudan

As Sudan prepares for a new UN ‘political mission’ that will help the country take its first steps into elections, government formation and a new constitution, the prospect of UN peacekeeping force’s….

COVID19 Crisis in Saudi Arabia
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COVID19 crisis: Businesses in Saudi sound confident as economy reopens

The ongoing COVID crisis has made businesses, investors, and policymakers to reassess the continuity model….

Kashmiri masked protester waving flags during clashes in Nowhattah Srinagar after Friday prayers on 21st December 2018
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Amidst COVID19 chaos, ISIS tries to make a comeback

This week, Iraq’s state news agency reported that counter-terrorism forces have killed ISIS’ ‘Governor of Iraq’ Moataz Numan Al-Jubori during an airstrike in Syria….

The most famous cryptocurrency is bitcoin.
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Virtual currency boosts business in Middle East, paces up the economy

Rain, the first licensed cryptocurrency exchange in Middle East that was launched in 2017 holds the market of digital currency…..

Saudi COVID19 Lockdown
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Saudi COVID19 Lockdown: What will resume from this week

Mecca, Makkah, COVID Lockdown, Novel Corona, Saudi Arabia lockdown, Eid-Al-Fitr, Umrah, Hajj, Ramadaan…

Coronavirus medical examination for those coming to the southern city of Taiz,
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Corona Pandemic: UN officials warn of alarming situation in Yemen

While most of the Gulf countries are reeling under the COVID-pandemic, one country which is worst affected by the disease is war-torn Yemen…