Middle East

Syria at least ten children killed in one month

At least ten minors were among the victims of the attacks in Northwestern Syria since the beginning of June. And another six were injured in

Middle East

Lebanon among the three most serious crisis since the mid-nineteenth century, World Bank warns

The crisis is so catastrophic that World Bank experts do not hesitate to define it “among the three most serious on our planet since the

Middle East

Pro-Iran militias attack US bases in Iraq again

Three rockets targeted an Iraqi airbase in the western desert hosting American soldiers on Monday; the international anti-jihadist coalition said, a type of attack attributed

Middle East

There is no peace in Syria: Turkish militias leave thousands of civilians without water, new raid against US

Erdogan’s regime continues to unleash the war on blue gold as a weapon to weaken the Syrian region of Hassaka.Twenty-five is the dangerous reiterations of

Middle East

Anger in Palestine does not stop, the West Bank trembles with protests

Days of protests in the West Bank, following the killing of Nizar Banat, a well-known political militant critical of the Palestinian National Authority. On the

Middle East

Sepideh Gholian, Iran is an “open-air prison”

“Iran is an open-air prison. It no longer makes a difference whether a person is in prison or not. The mere fact of living in

Middle East

Israeli reservations on the Italian-Spanish peace proposal with Palestine

Peace in the Middle East was the focus of a videoconference meeting between the Italian Deputy Foreign Minister, Marina Sereni, the Spanish Secretary of State

Middle East

Israel, Netanyahu plots comeback

Benjamin Netanyahu has not retired from politics. Far from it. The longest-serving prime minister in Israeli history is contemplating revenge. It is two weeks since

Middle East

NATO aims to increase fight against terrorism in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Sahel

NATO secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg, said that Daesh is on the ground but not yet out of action. The former Norwegian prime minister represented the North

Middle East

Polygamists against polyandry: a woman cannot have more husbands in South Africa

South Africa admits polygamy, under certain conditions. So why not legalize polyandry, that is, the possibility for women to have more husbands? Because it would